Runny Nose and Wet Cough Days After Having Fevere for 2 Days

Updated on July 18, 2016
T.S. asks from Santa Ana, CA
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She had fever up to 102 for two days. The doctor sad that it's just a virus and it will go away by itself. 2 days after the fever she stared having runny nose and wet cough. And I am worried that this is just escalating into something more serious.
In all her life she never had a fever before and only had runny nose twice for a day. And I tend to freak out 😱😩

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So What Happened?

Ladies thank you very much for your advices, experiences and time you took out of your day to help💐
She is a very activ 13 month old that doesn't believe in sleep being beneficial 😳. She hasn't had a fever in 3 days and runny nose and cough started yesterday. I have been using salin and I've been clearing her nose, the humidifier has been running non stop. She still has cold symptoms, she is not as active as usual (she still runs around), her apatite is slightly diminished and drinks like crazy.
So I'm going to see what tomorrow brings. If she isn't better or if she is worse I'll call the doctor.
Again, thank you all for you responses. Nobody can prepare you for the fears and extrem insecurity when your child is not feeling good.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Did the fever break? If so, I wouldn't worry. It usually takes the body 7-10 days to clear a virus.

To me, the most telling sign is how she is acting. If she's eating and drinking and has some energy, then I'd give it more time. If the fever is still high, or if she is really lethargic or refusing to eat or drink, then I'd call the ped again.

Also, I'm assuming that you are talking about a child at least 6 months old. If it's a newborn (less than 6 months old), then don't wait.

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answers from Norfolk on

How old is your child?
Kids get fevers.
Our son as an infant use to spike one at odd times every once in awhile.
I'd notice he was warm, take his temp - he'd be 102 - I'd take it again 30min later - and he'd be totally normal 98.6 - without doing anything about it - it always puzzled me but the doctor said some kids just do this sometimes.
If she's never had a cold before, then I guess she was due to get one sooner or later.
They catch all kinds of things - and this ramps up once they start day care or school.
Be prepared for about 2 years of catching everything before things settle down a bit.
Our son's colds settled down to one or two a year once he turned 4 and we had his tonsils and adenoids out but those first few years in day care it seemed like something was going on almost every week.
He got pneumonia when he was 14 months old - that was very stressful for all of us but we pulled through it while staying on top of his medications for it.

Run a humidifier in her room at night, have her take steamy showers to help clear her runny nose for a while, and keep her well hydrated - water and juice - breast milk is fine if she's still breast feeding but try to stay away from dairy products for awhile if she drinks cows milk since it can make mucus worse for some kids.
If her doctor says it's ok, you can give her something (Tylenol, Motrin) to take her fever down for a while if she feels uncomfortable.
It's tough when they're sick but you'll get through this sooner or later!

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answers from Philadelphia on

If the fever is gone and she just has a runny nose and a wet cough it sounds to me like she is getting better. If she still has the fever and her symptoms are getting worse then it is possible it is going into an infection. How old is your daughter? If she is under 6 month call the doctor and let them know how she is. If she is over 6 months I would just watch her to make sure she continues to eat, drink sleep etc.

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answers from Portland on

How old is your child? I suggest you are having your first experience with your child having a cold. When you're concerned call the pediatrician's office. A nurse will most likely answer your concern or have you talk with the doctor. They expect you to call.

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