Eye Glasses: Toddler

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Lazy Eye

R.P. asks from Los Angeles

I am starting to notice a lazy eye in my four year old daughter. It seems to have started within the last couple of months. She has an eye doctor appointment next wee...


Pink Eye

A.G. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter has had pink eye since Friday. She went to the doctor and he said it was viral. We have been washing her eyes out with the tearless shampoo per the doct...


Pink Eye

R.O. asks from Atlanta

It's midnight, any relief ideas for a 4 year old with pink eye? Motrin for the pain. Cold packs for eyes. Anthing else? Thanks :)


Eye "Boogers"

L.M. asks from Houston

My little one was sick for a week and was on anitibiotics and now she is all better but now she has slightly red eyes and is producing many "eye boogers" and when she...


20/25 Vision in a 6 Years Old

F.A. asks from Las Vegas

Today my son went for his general check up and the doc found that he couldn't read 3 letters correctly in 20 /20 line.. he just turned 6 in July, now the doc want t...


Pink Eye

M.W. asks from Charlotte

for the 4th time in the past year my son has pink eye! 2 times were due to sinus infections like the one now, and 2 just because....why is he so prone to getting pink...


Pink Eye!?

M.T. asks from Phoenix

My son has an inchy eye since this morning and has little red veins across his eye.He has a little pimple on his left eye.I mostly worried he might have pink eye in h...


Pink Eye?

H.T. asks from Phoenix

My daughter got out of the bath and her eyes were white and she got out and her right eye was red.So about 15 min after,its still red and she is rubbing her eyes!!I k...


Pink Eye?

C.H. asks from Lafayette

I have a 12 yr old son who I had to go pick up today from school and take him to the Dr. He has pink eye in both eyes. My question is, I am currently 17 weeks pregn...


Pink Eye

K.B. asks from Dallas

I found out I have pink eye last Sat. I went to the Dr. & she prescribed antibiotics & eye drops. I called today to see when I can wear makeup & the nurse said when ...