Eye "Boogers"

Updated on January 04, 2011
L.M. asks from Houston, TX
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My little one was sick for a week and was on anitibiotics and now she is all better but now she has slightly red eyes and is producing many "eye boogers" and when she goes to sleep and wakes up sometimes her eyes are shut because of them, its not pink eye because i get the same way when my allergies act up but i was wondering if anyone knew a home remedy to help with the eye boogies. Thank you, your help is appreciated!!!

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So What Happened?

IT FINALLY WENT AWAY!!!! Got prescribed some eye drops and in one day the redness and the eye boogers went away!!!! Thank you all for the help and advice!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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Use a wash cloth with warm water to keep it clean from those "boogers." Clean it as often as she needs it. This has kept my kids healthy many times. Good luck!!

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I think the only thing you can do is to keep wiping at her eyes with a soft wet warm cloth. The "boogers" are the body's way of cleaning out all the junk.

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my daughter had eye boogies after she was born, the pediatrician told me that it might just be her tear ducts.. so just massage right under your baby's eye and wipe with a warm cloth every now and then, it should go away after a few days, if it doesnt ask a pediatrician.
Good luck :]

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Ah, the dreaded "goop eye" as it is known in our house. Just wipe the eye from inner corner to outer corner with a soft cloth. If it doesn't clear up within 5-7 days call your child's doctor.

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could be a blocked tear duct. massage gently with warm cloth 3 times a day

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I would call your pediatrician because I don't know how old your little one is - but I use Chamomile tea bags. Warm some water like you would make some tea (of course don't make it to hot to put on the skin) dip the tea bag and soak it a little bit. Then let the tea bag drip the tea into the eyes. Chamomile has an antibody that kills bacteria. If you can't use Chamomile tea then I would use the warm wash cloth and massage lightly the area to wipe the eye goobers away. Good luck.

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take her to a doctor, conjunctivitis or pink eye needs to be ruled out first

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I get them all the time. I went to the Dean McGee Eye Institute in OKC and after checking my eyes and stuff they said it was from very dry eyes. I get some tiny vials of eye moisturizing eye drops at the store and keep a handful in my purse all the time. Just drop some in several times a day. I find to relieve the itching and irritation that putting a cool cloth over my closed eyes really helps.



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Clean her eyes with Chamomile tea, that helps always. Or go to whole food store and get a homeopathic remedy, they are great.


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Call your pedi and ask for a prescription for Vigamox. Those drops will clear up any type of eye goop.



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I know what you mean. I get it when my sinuses are congested.I would have her close her eyes and use some baby shampoo and wash the eyes. I would do this before she goes to bed and when she wakes up. you may also want to use a warm camomile teabag on her eyes.use a warm, washcloth and put it on eyes. make sure to use a cool midst humidifier in her bedroom. The heat makes the air dry and dries out our sinuses and can effect the eyes. good luck



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If the "eye boogers" are yellowish green it could be conjunctivitis or pink eye. Usually pink eye will result do to complications of a cold and is very common for kids to contract after or during a cold.

Warm compresses will help unstick her eyes, but if there is that much discharge she probably needs a prescription to clear it up.

There are 3 kinds of conjunctivitis (pink eye). Allergic, bacterial and viral. Allergic is caused by allergies and can be treated with over the counter remedies but viral and bacterial usually need a prescription.

I used to work in a daycare and my son and I have had this numerous times. Definitely call your ped before it gets worse!



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Vitamin C lowers any allergies and boosts your immune system. Stay away from dairy products before sleep - they trigger allergies and mucous. Colloidal Silver sprayed in the eye can help - it is a natural antibiotic and does not sting and there are no side effects.


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