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Updated on December 05, 2013
H.T. asks from Chandler, AZ
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My daughter got out of the bath and her eyes were white and she got out and her right eye was red.So about 15 min after,its still red and she is rubbing her eyes!!I keep having her wash her hands because i dont wanna get sick with a baby coming if its pink this pink eye?

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answers from Phoenix on

You will know when she wakes up and it's all gooey. Otherwise you only will know for sure if take her to the doctor. If she was in the bath, it's likely just soap. If it's red and pussey looking stuff is coming out, or it's dried and her eyelid is stuck together, then it's pink eye. Good luck.

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answers from Toledo on

I don't remember red eyes. I remember goopy eyes that might have been a bit pinkish in color. When my eyes are red, they're usually itchy from allergies or an irritant.

But I agree with Nervy Girlfriend - best to ask a doctor just to be safe.

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answers from Portland on

Only a doctor can know this.

There are two types of pink eye: bacterial and viral. If her eye clears of redness soon, then likely it was a lash or she got a bit of soap in it. If her eye continues to stay red and is goopy, then she does need to see a doctor for anti-biotic drops. If it is viral pink eye, yes, they might give you drops, but she WILL be contagious until it abates. The drops do not do anything for viral pink eye other than to let working parents 'think' they are treating it. I believe they need to be home for at least 24 hours after starting treatment; you can call your child's school and ask about their exclusion policy; their student handbook should have it listed as well.

She cannot return to school with the red eyes until she has been treated. Period. It is, as you supposed, highly contagious. It's up to you to keep your hands off your face and eyes and do lots of your own handwashing. Be sure to launder linens which have contact with her face and head (Pillowcases).... when I was teaching preschool, I had to sanitize my entire preschool so that toys/materials wouldn't be contaminated.

And if her eye gets completely gooped up in the night, use a warm, very damp washcloth as a compress to break up the caked mucous on the eyelid. This happens from time to time and is very upsetting for children.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Probably not. It's probably soap in her eyes or water, it can have a lot of chlorine in it.

IF she wakes up in the morning and it's super gooey put a warm wash cloth on it. The water will moisten the goo and the heat will make it easier to wipe off. If it's solid red irritated mess then it "might" be pink eye.

Sometimes the goo in a kiddo's eye is just sinus goo that can't get out of their sinuses any other way, it takes the route of the least resistance that is open enough.

Put some eye drops in it tonight to wash it out. This will help get the soap out if that's what it is.

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answers from Dallas on

sounds like she got soap in her eye... if she woke up this morning with a ton of goop and her eye nearly matted shut, it's prob pink eye and you should have a dr look at it.


answers from Norfolk on

If she hasn't had any colds recently then it sounds like soap got in her eyes.
Rinse her eyes out with water so she stops rubbing them.
A cool compress will help the redness go away.



answers from Las Vegas on

It could be pink eye. All it takes is a little rub of snot here and a rub of the eye there and voila, pink eye!

If it is, there is over the counter meds for it at your local drug store.

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