Eye Glasses: Preschooler

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Vision Doctor

J. asks from Phoenix

Has anyone had a good experience with a vision doctor for kids? My step-son is 7 years old and just had his eyes tested at his pediatricians office & we were told he...


4 Year Old Wants to Pee All the Time

J. asks from Santa Fe

Hi Moms, My 4 year old daughter started to behave weird in the last week. She tries to go pee very often. Sometimes she may go as often as 4 times in an hour, some...


3 Year Old Stuttering

A.Y. asks from San Antonio

My 3 year old son began stuttering when he fiirst turned three and it lasted for about two months. He then stopped. He is now 31/2 amd started doiing it again. He ...


ADD For a 3 Year Old!!??

K.C. asks from Dallas

I have a very active three (almost 4) year old. At his parent/teacher confrence at pre-school today the director told me that she has been observing my son and feel...


Recent Stuttering in 3 Year Old Boy

M.D. asks from Dallas

Our son has spoken perfectly well until he hit the age of 3. He is all of a sudden stuttering on words that he has been able to speak perfectly well until this point...


Is This a Normal Behaviour for a 3 Yo?

K.S. asks from Youngstown

My son is 3 yo. Today he had a Christmas party at the kindergarden. I told him that Santa will come with presents and he will have to sing carrols and say his poem(at...


Concerned Parent of My 4 Year Old Sons Behavior and Preschool

K.V. asks from Miami

I am a concerned parent for my 4 year old son (only child). He has been attending day care since he was 9 months old. For the past year I have been very busy going to...


3 Year Old Eye Issue????

S.P. asks from Houston

My 3 year old son has been having some eye issues the last couple of days. He is constantly blinking and rubbing them. They are not red or swollen. There is no mucus....


My 3 Year Old Has Molluscum Contagiosum and It Is Red & Swollen

S.H. asks from Atlanta

My 3 year old has had Molluscum contagiosum for a few months, we were told it would go away on it's own and so far the small bumps have never bothered her but now he...


3 Year Old Starting to Stutter

C.S. asks from Reno

Hi, I have asked question on here before and have gotten great responses to my former questions, so I am asking again for some input, advice, and ideas. Our 3 year o...