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Updated on August 28, 2014
C.D. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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My 7 yr old has convergence insufficiency- her eyes struggle to move together to focus up close. It's looking like vision therapy is the best treatment for this. I'd love to hear about your experience with vision therapy. Would you recommend it? Does anyone know of a good Vision Therapist near SLC? Thank you!

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answers from Portland on

I'm in Oregon, so I can't give you a recommendation for practitioners; that said... our son was diagnosed with a convergence insufficiency and ocular motor dysfunction at around 5 years old. We did eye therapy for nearly a year-- about 4 days a week, 15 minutes a day or so... it started out pretty tough, he was discouraged with some of the exercises, but after a while, once the work became more familiar, we could see progress. The following April, the vision therapist stated that we'd done good work, the convergence insufficiency had been addressed and corrected. (The ocular motor dysfunction is not curable, lifelong, so we did biofeedback exercises for it so he could learn how to use his eyes correctly and so they don't tire as quickly.)

I strongly recommend finding a good vision therapist who offers concrete, age-appropriate exercises and activities to clients. Our practitioner was able to explain how/why each exercise worked and also offered some everyday activities to encourage (word searches, hidden picture puzzles, Legos were things suggested to us for our son) continued eye strengthening. We still see him once a year for a comprehensive eye exam and to make sure his eyes are working 'as a team' correctly. I'm so glad we found out about this sooner than later. Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My friend just did (or maybe is still doing) vision therapy with her 7 year old. They discovered right around her 7th birthday that one of her eyes wasn't functioning correctly and was slightly lazy. She got glasses and did therapy. I don't know any specifics, but I know her eye got (or is continuing to get) stronger and they are happy with the decision to do it.

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answers from New York on

One of my daughters did it for awhile probably when she was 8. It did seem to help her and the testimonials in the doctors office were impressive. Many were written by kids. Apparently she improved quickly and we stopped going for therapy. We were supposed to do computer exercises. We didn't do them enough though so she regressed. It's so hard to gauge what's going on bc we can't really see improvement ourselves. But like I said, she did seem to think reading was easier etc. We have to start computer again and she got reading glasses which help relax her muscles. A friend's slightly autistic daughter went to this same doctor and loves him and think he really helped their daughter. I am a skeptic but will say when we finished the in office therapy way ahead of schedule, they immediately refunded my prepayment. And he hasn't pushed coming back which would make them more money. So I do believe it's a real thing and would try it for your child.

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answers from Danville on

I know I am dating myself, but back in the 'dark ages' when I was a kid, I did all kinds of eye exercises to help with my 'lazy eye'!

I did 'pencil pushups'...I would have to start focusing on the eraser end of a pencil...and bring it as close to my nose as I could while keeping from seeing double.

I also had to cut out classified ads...stick them on a tongue depressor, and chart how close I could 'bring it in' and be able to keep it in focus, and read the ad.

I went every few weeks to my ophthalmologist (through the military) and would show/demonstrate my progress.

I did finally need glasses in college. The reading load was really huge, and I was getting 'eye aches' from the strain.

Anyway, just a memory from someone 'older than dirt'.


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answers from New London on

Book Rec "When Your Child Struggles-The Myth of 20/20 Vision"
By Dr. David Cook
This book will explain what convergence insufficiency is. How and why this diagnosis is often missed. Why vision theraphy is important...

College of Optometrists in Vision Dev
243 N. Lindbergh Blvd
Suite 310
St. Louis, MO

UTAH: Dr. Robin Price----- Pleasant Grove Utah

Vision Theraphy is VERY IMPORTANT !!!! Some kids w/ 20/20 have "special needs" in the eyes that need to be addressed.
This is the time to get this issue addressed---Before grades 4-5...



answers from Las Vegas on

My daughter did her eye therapy in the 90's and yes I recommend it. Here is some information from her doctor, although, I believe her information is now dated. It will still give you an idea of what is happening.

I paid cash for it as a single parent. I appreciate every bit of it!



answers from Oklahoma City on

Did you see National Treasure with Nicholas Cage? The one where he's using glasses to read different aspects on the back of the constitution?

When my grandson did vision therapy his glasses looked much like those on the movie. He would read a section with this set of lenses down then he'd flip those up and swing another set in front then read a bit then switch them out for others.

What this did was rewire his brain. When he started he'd gone so long without glasses, and he couldn't even see the chalkboard at the front of the classroom, that his brain had stopped accepting/processing information from his right eye. As far as it was concerned he was blind in that eye.

He got glasses to help him see and he worked really hard.

He has been fixed for about 6 years now and he hasn't worn glasses since completing his eye therapy.

I suggest you call around and find the right doc, the therapy is basically the same all round because you use the same devices and plan but a good doc will sure help test him to make sure it's working.

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