Eye Glasses: Toddler

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Eye Exam for Child

A.C. asks from Houston

I need to have an eye exam done for my 7 year old. Does anyone know of a good eye doctor who can do exams on kids in the Spring/Woodlands area?


Left Eye Is great...right Eye Is Not Good at All

S.D. asks from Fort Walton Beach

At my son's physical a couple of D. ago we discovered that he cannot see clearly out of his right eye. The dr. suggested seeing an optometrist so off we went yesterda...


Floating Eye Surgery

A.H. asks from Canton

My 7yr old son was diagnosed with a floating eye at either his 3yr or 4 yr old check up. He was referred to an eye doctor and he wasn't able to see it. We took him ba...


Need Referral for Pediatric Eye Doc

K.S. asks from Denver

I've never taken my daughter to the eye doctor because they've always checked her vision at the pediatrician and felt it wasn't necessary. Lately, though, she's compl...


Can an Eye Doctor Be Wrong?

M.M. asks from Parkersburg

I took my son to an eye doctor here in town because of a slight lazy eye he had developed. She did a full eye exam and told me that his eyes looked fine and he may en...


6 Year Old Has Weak Eye Muscle

K.B. asks from Chicago

My son started Kindergarten this past fall. I took him to the eye doctor (as required by the state) and the dr. said the my son has a weak eye muscle in his left eye....


Eye Doctor to MRI!?

E.M. asks from Louisville

I took my daughter to the eye doctor today Bc she had said she was having a hard time seeing the board. Not a big deal, we did the normal stuff but she couldn't see t...


Sudden Vision Difficulties

M.G. asks from Seattle

Yes, really odd question honestly don't think there is an answer at this moment. My daughter who is 8 just finished up some math problems that I gave her to do. They ...


Seeking Pediatric Eye Doctor

L.Z. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have a good pediatric eye doctor in the Richardson/Garland/Rowlett area? Thanks!


Questions for Moms Who Do Therapeutic "Home Work" with Their Children--vision

H.W. asks from Portland

Hi all, On Monday my son had a sensorio-motor evaluation with a vision therapist. He has problems with convergence (using his eyes effectively for near vision) and...