Blind Spot from Eye Doctor?

Updated on September 12, 2011
F.S. asks from Whiteland, IN
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Hi Im needing to know if its possible to have a spot perminatly be burned into your retina. I went to the eye doctor last friday for an eye exam. While I was there they dialated my pupils and the doctor shined a really bright light and magnifying glass into my eye (im guessing to see the blood vessels) but i was really sensitive to the light. And i noticed about an hour later everytime i closed my eyes or in a dark room off to the side of my vision is a pink light. Almost like the spot you see after having a bright camera flash in your face. Its been 3 days now and i still see this every now and agian! Im getting nervous and im calling the doctor first thing in the morning but Im wondering if maybe its normal and it will go away with time or if im perimantly blinded with it? Pls help! Btw eye doctor didnt say there was anything abnormal with my eyes.

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My daughter is very sensitive and is blinded for a few days afterwards. I think the longest she has been that way has been about a week. It wears off.
She and I are so used to it, we just find ophthalmologists lights completely annoying.
But, since you have not had cataracts at 3 or a detached retina, I would call the dr and let him know what is going on.

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I would get a second opinion.

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