Looking for an Eye Doctor

Updated on October 03, 2008
M. asks from Plainfield, IL
4 answers

I am looking for referrals for eye doctors/vision centers near Plainfield.

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answers from Chicago on

we have seen the eye doctors at oswego vision. they seem fine to me.



answers from Chicago on

For kids and adults, Wheaton Eye Clinic is the best. They have a Plainfield location at 127th and Van Dyke.



answers from Chicago on

I took both of my sons to Dr. Tuel and thought he was great! We have referred people there and they have loved him too..


If you go there, mention my name (C. Salbego) they send out referral gifts. =)



answers from Chicago on

I really LOVE the eye doctor we go to. It's by the Pizza hut on Rt. 59 across from the Meijer. I think it's Plainfield Vision Care. The doctor is so great, knows his stuff and I have wacky eyes so I am picky. Very friendly doctor who is funny and good with both kids and adults.


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