Eye Glasses: Infant

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Vision Therapy??? Really? Does It Work?

N.A. asks from Seattle

Anyone ever had to go through our put their child through vision therapy? My 3yr old has strabismus (not constant, but her eyes will turn inward) and we've done the p...


Lazy Eye

E.M. asks from Denver

My 2 year old has a lazy eye. And not a subtle lazy eye either. We've patched her other eye, done the blurring drops in the good eye, so now her vision in both eyes...


Infant Eye Test

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is 6 weeks old. Last week when I had her at the Dr., the Dr. noticed that her eyes have a tendency to cross when she is focusing on something (doesn't hap...


1 Year Old Has a Weak Eye Muscle

M.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Everyone, The other day my 1 year olds right eye started to turn inward. I took her to see the Dr. They said that some children still developing will get a lazy e...


Should I Take My Baby to the Hospital If Got Baby Oil in His Eye

S.M. asks from Chicago

Should I take my baby to the hospital if he got baby oil in his eye


Tearing Eye

L.F. asks from Chicago

My 1 year old son's left eye has been tearing up the last few days and when he wakes from sleep he has little crusties in the corner as well. At first I thought it w...


Pink Eye?

E.M. asks from Denver

My 2.5 year old has a bright red patch/spot under her eye...at first we thought it was a bruise. Her eye is also tearing, slightly bloodshot and goop is collecting i...


Lazy Eye

R.P. asks from Los Angeles

I am starting to notice a lazy eye in my four year old daughter. It seems to have started within the last couple of months. She has an eye doctor appointment next wee...