Blurry Vision After Hitting Eye When Will It Go Away?

Updated on July 27, 2012
S.K. asks from Castle Rock, CO
7 answers

My son was diving for a ball in our living room and his eye came in contact with the corner of the computer that was on the couch. He has a few broken blood vessels nothing too bad, its bruised on his eyelid/eyebrow and he says that his eye is blurry like when you first wake up. This happened yesterday around noon and he woke up with it still blurry. My dr said to just watch him to make sure it doesnt get worst (this was a talk to a nurse on the phone) Everything Dr Google (still an evil bad bad dr) said is if you have blurry vision to go to the er. Anyone have any idea how many days i should give it before I take him in?

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answers from Kansas City on

I would go to an opthamologist, not an optometrist, as they are a medical doctor too. I wouldn't let this go on any longer. There are reasons for blurry vision but I wouldn't think this is a good sign and you need to be sure. Please take him now or soon.

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answers from San Antonio on

I would have already taken him to the optometrist, ER, doctor's whatever to be seen. Not sure why you're waiting. If it's still blurry, that's not a good sign! He could be doing irreparable damage to his eye.

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answers from Washington DC on

Do not wait. Take him to an optometrist now -- not the pediatrician, who is not an eye doctor! If an optometrist cannot see him today, take him to the ER, but have him seen today. I find it appalling that a nurse, over the phone, would tell you to "just wait." She is not an eye professional and did not even see your son in person!

Please don't wait for advice here. We are not doctors and can't examine your son. He could have damaged his precious and irreplaceable eye -- why wait a minute more to get him to a professional?

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answers from Chicago on

I second Suzanne.... see an opthalmologist, not an optometrist. Opthalmologists are medical doctors who are also eye specialists. I would get your son in ASAP. I wouldn't wait another day.



answers from Denver on

As an optometrist, I would say you need to take him in right away. His blurred vision could be due to many things resulting from an injury....from a scratched cornea (light sensitivity, pain) to worse a retinal detachment (flashes, floaters, and/or curtain hanging in vision). The broken blood vessels (conjuctival hemorrage) will heal on its own but he should be evaluated for the other things. An optometrist can diagnose this through a slit lamp evaluation and dilation as well as an opthalmologist. The only difference between an opthalmologist and an optometrist is that an opthalmologist can do surgery. If there is a retinal detachment then an optometrist would refer him to see an opthalmologist.


answers from Hartford on

Optometrist. Call your optometrist ASAP and make an appointment. Don't wait, and make the appointment for today. If he can't or won't, then call around until you find one that will.



answers from Dallas on

I would call an eye dr to have them check it out. Or at least call one and see what they say!

Good luck and God Bless!!!

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