Childrens Eye Exam Reccomendation

Updated on March 27, 2012
T.K. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
8 answers

My 4 yr old daughters school called and she needs her eyes checked. I can't find any places that seem to cater to kids. Can you reccomend someplace that wasn't expensive, but had the right equipment and a bright cheery attitude and decor to deal with kids?

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answers from Washington DC on

oooh T. if you lived here in DC - i could recommend a ton of places...

Johns Hopkins University Willmer Institute is AWESOME!! One of the mom's on here recommended it to me.

But since you aren't's what I came up with on a google search!!

Hope you find one that works for you!!

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

Do you have an eye doctor for yourself? If you do I would start there. They may not have pediatric eye doctor but may be able to recommend one. My own eye doctor does not do kids but the practice is quite large with several offices and one office caters specifically to children. I had no idea until I asked.

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answers from Washington DC on

She's too old for the InfantSEE program, but go to that site (, I think) to find a pediatric optometrist in your area. Anybody who deals with toddlers can see your 4 yr old.

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answers from Dallas on

I used Ford Eye Center in Mansfield for both me and my kids. Can't remember her name right now but it was the lady optometrist. My youngest was 5 at the time. She was really good with them. They didn't dialate (sp ?) their eyes so it wasn't traumatic. You might check them out.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

When my son needed a re-check (as recommended by his pre-school screening), my pediatrician was able to recommend a pediatric opthamologist for us. Have you tried that?
Apparently they are scarcer than hens teeth around here and we did have to wait a bit for an weren't THAT many choices.
Good luck!

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answers from San Antonio on

all I know is that my son (almost 4) was NOT happy WHATSOEVER when they put the drops in to dialate his eyes a few months ago. First drops were okay going in, but then you have to put in the second drops, then that burns for a little bit. I was getting my eyes examed at the same time, but my Mom says that she and the nurse had to hold his hands and feet down to get the drops in. I could hear him screaming from a few doors down. He was NOT a happy camper, but got over it. I think in one year when it's time to go back he will likely NOT want that. Be sure to have a very very very good reward for her for being such a trooper. Let her scream or cry, but if you get those drops in, let her have that reward. And perhaps have a little reward for everything she cooperates with, ie, when the doctor/nurse says "read this line" or "read these letters" or "hold this over your right eye and read these letters" etc. I gave my son a couple bites of popcorn, Nerds, anything small and quick.

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answers from Dallas on

My five year old has been going to a pediatric opthamologist for 4 years now. We tried one other before this one but really like Dr. Hunt with Pediatric Eye Specialists in Fort Worth.

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answers from Dallas on

You probably want to take her to a pediatric ophthalmologist. The one my hospital sends kids to is right off I-30 & Henderson in Fort Worth. They are Pediatric Opthamology Associates. I've worked with the docs on many occasions and they are very caring and gentle. Google them for their phone number. Good luck!

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