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Vision Therapy

T.M. asks from Dallas

Has anyone used vision therapy for their child? I found out today that my 8 year old has some issues going on with his eyes and he wll be getting no line bifocals nex...


Vision Therapy??? Really? Does It Work?

N.A. asks from Seattle

Anyone ever had to go through our put their child through vision therapy? My 3yr old has strabismus (not constant, but her eyes will turn inward) and we've done the p...


Any of You Used Vision Therapy for ADHD

J.H. asks from Lexington

Hi-My 7 yr. old son has ADHD. He is very behind his second grade class. He has only seem to get worse this year. He has problems reading and now almost refuses to ...


Thoughts About Vision Therapy for 7 Yr Old...

C.D. asks from Salt Lake City

My 7 yr old has convergence insufficiency- her eyes struggle to move together to focus up close. It's looking like vision therapy is the best treatment for this. I'...


Vision Therapy for Strabismus or Congenital Esotropia

I.S. asks from Washington DC

Hello, My son is almost 2 and he was diagnosed with Congenital Esotropia at a young age. we have been patching since 6months of age and we did a surgery in May of th...


Failed Eye Exam?

R.W. asks from New York

My 6 year old daughter came home yesterday with a form that said she failed an eye exam that was given in school by the NYC department of health. The form stated that...


Eye Doctor

J.N. asks from Dayton

Does anyone like any eye doctors around the beavercreek area? Or if you do not like someone please also let me know. Thanks jo


Left Eye Is great...right Eye Is Not Good at All

S.D. asks from Fort Walton Beach

At my son's physical a couple of D. ago we discovered that he cannot see clearly out of his right eye. The dr. suggested seeing an optometrist so off we went yesterda...


Eye Doctor

P.E. asks from Dallas

I am looking for an good eye doctor in mckinney area. I would like someone that also has a good selection of frames, it seems you don't see many no matter where you g...


Need Referral for Pediatric Eye Doc

K.S. asks from Denver

I've never taken my daughter to the eye doctor because they've always checked her vision at the pediatrician and felt it wasn't necessary. Lately, though, she's compl...