Floating Eye Surgery

Updated on September 02, 2011
A.H. asks from Canton, OH
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My 7yr old son was diagnosed with a floating eye at either his 3yr or 4 yr old check up. He was referred to an eye doctor and he wasn't able to see it. We took him back for a few check ups and he still wasn't able to see anything. When he was 5 we took him back and he was able to see it and my son was given glasses. Back in February, we took him and they gave him special glasses that were suppose to help shut his right eye off and make his left eye stronger. Sadly, once sports started in April we were kind of lax in making him wear them. We took him for his 6mth check up today and they referred us to a pediatric opthamologist because they think he needs surgery. We are feeling so guilty for not making him wear the glasses.
Has anyone been through this? What can we expect with the surgery. The eye doctor said he will be in a lot of pain for a few days and then he should be fine...but it sounds extremely painful to me.

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answers from Houston on

This is going to be my sister, she rarely makes her son wear the eyepatch.

Anyways, my friend's child had it done. He was perfectly fine a few days later and rarley complained. His eye was a tad red and his tears had a very slight tinge of blood.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter had strabismus surgery when she was 8. She had been patching since around age 2 and never got better. The surgery itself wasn't that big of a deal... and the worst of the pain was over within 36 hours and most of that she slept through because of the general anesthesia. I think the very worst was the next morning after. The stitches on the muscles inside the eye did bother her for about 5-7days until they had dissolved (she also has congenital nystagmus so her eyes are constantly moving) and she was out of school for 2 weeks as a precautionary measure. Tylenol helped lots and I gave it to her whenever she wanted (every 6-8 hours).

Would we do it with what we know now? definately... probably would have done it sooner. Also.. not that this could happen, or even might happen, but my daughter's vision in that weaker eye went from 20/200 to 20/80- 20/100, huge improvement.

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answers from San Antonio on

My daughter had the surgery for stabismus when she had just turned three. The day of the surgery was the hardest, but she stayed in bed pretty much all day.

The next few days were only bad in the morning getting her eyes open and keeping up with the drops!

I am so glad we had it done!

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answers from Cleveland on

My son had strabismus surgery a few years ago too. It went fine. He was okay within a few days. He was so out of it because the anethesia that he barely noticed his eyes. He had the surgery at Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye institute and had a great pediatric eye surgeon.

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answers from Canton on

I had this done on my eye about 30 years ago and I don't remember much other than my eye looked funny for a while due to the iodine they used. I am sure that things have improved over the years! I am so glad my parents did it. My eye is now 20/20 and I only have to wear one contact in the eye that didn't have surgery. Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

I encourage you to research Vision Therapy... We did it with my daughter with wonderful results. It is a big commitment though... daily exercises and weekly trips to the office, but well worth it. Many ophthalmologists don't agree with it and will recommend surgery. It is certainly worth finding a VT specialist in your area and at least having a consultation.

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