Eye Glasses: Toddler

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!St Grader Needing Eye Doctor

M.V. asks from Chicago

My 6 yo daughter needs to see an eye doctor according to her school. I'm not sure I'm comfortable taking her to Lenscrafters (where I go for my eyes). Does anyone h...


Pediatric Eye Doctor

D. asks from Detroit

Hello, I live in Shelby Township and am looking for a pediatric eye doctor for my 2yr old. He complains about "eye hurt" and "head hurt" all the time. He has been ...


Blurry Vision After Hitting Eye When Will It Go Away?

S.K. asks from Denver

My son was diving for a ball in our living room and his eye came in contact with the corner of the computer that was on the couch. He has a few broken blood vessels ...


My Four Year Old Right Eye Always Hurts During the Evening Time.

C.R. asks from Denver

Has anyone had this problem. My sons eye is fine during the day, but toward the evening before bedtime is right eye always hurts. Can this be a headache, or is his ey...


Tearing Eye

L.F. asks from Chicago

My 1 year old son's left eye has been tearing up the last few days and when he wakes from sleep he has little crusties in the corner as well. At first I thought it w...


Eye Patching for Lazy Eye

D.T. asks from Chicago

Hello, I am wondering what has worked best for those of you who have had to do eye patching. Would you recommend the regular pirate eye patch or the over the glasses...


Eye Drops

M.J. asks from Chicago

Hello Ladies, I need your help! My 2 year old has pink eye, her doctor gave me drops to put into each eye 3x a day. I have found this task impossible, she wiggles and...


Pink Eye?

E.M. asks from Denver

My 2.5 year old has a bright red patch/spot under her eye...at first we thought it was a bruise. Her eye is also tearing, slightly bloodshot and goop is collecting i...