Pregnancy Tests

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2 Negative Pregnancy Test, but Blood Test Positive.

J.H. asks from Detroit

Hello all ~ I have not had a period since August 10th. I have taken 2 HPT and both came back negative. (2 weeks ago and then 3 weeks ago) On Monday Iwent to the...


Early Miscarriage Symptoms but Negative Pregnancy Test?

K.M. asks from Fort Wayne

Has anyone experienced all of the symptoms of miscarriage but the pregnancy test was negative? I have already had one miscarriage about 4 years ago and my recent sym...


Pregnancy Test

J.E. asks from Philadelphia

Okay so I'm not even late yet but I have 2 kids and know the feeling so I took 2 walmart tests and though faint they came back positive.i then took 2 First Response t...


Question Regarding Pregnancy Test

L.O. asks from Dallas

I have been told many times over that I found out that I was pregnant really early on. I was only 4 weeks along when the test showed positive. Is this normal or do ...


Should I Buy Another Pregnancy Test or Just Wait?

A.C. asks from Jacksonville

I have never in my life missed a period or had a late period except for when I became pregnant with my daughter(3yrs old). Well, this month, no period! My husband a...


When to Test for Preg.?

D.E. asks from Pittsburgh

My hubby and I have been ttc for 3 yrs. I started clomid, we've had sex every other day since cycle day 9. It's cd 24. I had a positive opk test on cd 20. How soo...


Am I Wasting My Time Takin a Home Pregnancy Test????

M.V. asks from New York

hi everyone.... i'm on my first cycle of artificial insemination with clomid 50mg and hcg shots.... i'm very excited and can't wait to take my blood pregnancy tes...


Pregnancy Test Issues

T.S. asks from Detroit

I took a test last week and it was negitive and last night I took one and the plus line was there but barely and hard to see. So, this morning I went and got another...


Taking the Test...

J.C. asks from Hartford

So i took a pregnancy test this morning, and i think... it was negative. I'm almost positive i am. My period is due in 3 days. Sore breasts, cramping, tired and i nor...


Weak Positive Pregnancy Test (Help!)

S.S. asks from Spartanburg

I am currently 5 days late in my cycle and have taken 3 pregnancy test, last one being this morning. All three have been very weak positives. I read on-line that that...