Activities for an Infant

Updated on April 05, 2009
T.S. asks from Shakopee, MN
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Hey moms
I am a new mom of an 8 month old boy. He is a lot of fun but I feel like all I do is play on the living room floor with him and then swim on the occasion its not too hot outside lately. What other activities can I do with a child that isnt walking or talking yet that would be fun for him? - Thank you in advance for your responces

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My boys are 2 and 3 yrs old but they loved, and still do, going to the zoo. The como zoo is nice, not too big and free.

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It's funny this should come up right now!! I just came across a lot of cool ideas...

Make vanilla pudding w/formula and dab that on the tray and let them play in that.

Put finger paint or shaving cream w/paint or colored rice in a ziplock bag for playing with in the high chair.

My dd brought home painting she did at school using pudding on a shape, you could tape a shape to the high chair and let them go to town. Or paint on tinfoil.

A whiffle ball hanging from the ceiling with a piece of yarn and give the little ones paper towel holders to use as bats to bat the whiffle ball around.

Buckets from ice cream or anything big and plastic, give the baby tennis balls, juice can lids, blocks, etc. to put in and take out.

Cut a hole in the top of a formula can and stuff with clean hankerchiefs or baby washclothes of all colors, fabrics with different textures for them to pull out and stuff in.

Use cardboard to paste pics from magazines or family members, then place a fabric curtain over to play peekaboo with.

Mirror at the base of wall.

My friend taught me how to use old water bottles, washed out, and use them as shakers. We used glitter and colored water, oil and colored water, colored pastas, rice, beads, bits of fabric, make it colorful!! etc. The lids need to be hot glued on for safety.

Big plastic jars to put other balls in and let the babies roll them all over, the jars you would get at Sam's Club w/cheeseballs in them.

I do inhome daycare and a lot of these ideas just came through in a group I am a part of.

During hot weather, I take the kids to Eden Prarie Center's indoor playland that is free and soft. I know there are the same things in Blaine and Roseville. If I think of other stuff, I will share.

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LOL I felt the same exact way back in day.... I never realized how boring newborns were until I had my daughter.It got better each month and 8mos is cool but until they're mobile you feel like you can't really play play. Then I was always like oh I wish she was walking etc. so we could do more fun cool things. I'm the on the go type of person and can't stand sitting at home. Here's some ideas

Sign up for mommy/baby swim lessons(even in the winter)

go to baby/parent classes at your local ECFE

go to the park and put your baby in a babyswing or sitting on your lap while you go down the slide

go for a walk

I promise they get more fun. At around age 1 they really understand so much and you can talk to them and get different responses even without words. Have you tried sign language? I thought sign language was weird until my daughter's daycare did it and I can't say enough good things about it now.

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We did a lot of childrens' museums when our children were real young. They loved the kids areas that most museums offer (under 4 areas) as well as the water rooms they could splash in. If you have anything like that around.
Another at home activity we did would fill up a small pan (or even a highchair tray) with water and let them splash around. Makes a mess but provides lots of fun and giggles.
On hot days we would sit in the bathtub and blow bubbles (we still do this with our older kids).
If your child does not put everything in his/her mouth, shaving cream on a high chair tray is always fun to do.
Have fun...

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I took my daughter to music classes ( I know what your thinking "music classes for a baby???") but its a lot of fun. Go to the website and register. Its about an hour 1 a week and the kids love it. My daughter started going at 7 months and she had so much fun, you can see they recognize the music and she just loves it. Since your son is under 1 year it woudl cost about 50 bucks. Check it ouT! :)

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answers from Milwaukee on

Do you have gymboree play where you are? we took our son there and he enjoyed it, it was nice to meet other parents too. I read alot to my son and now that he's older he really likes to sit in my lap to read books at night before he goes to bed.



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Parent child classes at the YMCA are fun!



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We go camping, and wherever we go, our daughter goes in the backpack. Hiking, frisbee golf. When we go camping we bring a big rug we roll out and put all kinds of toys on for her to play with. Go to the park and swing and play in the sand. My daughter loves to play and splash in the tub. Go walk the mall with your baby in the stroller. Take a walk in the neighborhood with the stroller. I don't do it, but I know you can buy the things to pull behind a bike.



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Hi - he might like pouring water if he can grab already. You can always do rhymes like this little pig went to the market..., round and round the garden..., looking through the window... You could give him some crayons and paper at his high chair.



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Hi T.!

My daughter was about one when we started a "Music Together" class. While she also couldn't walk or talk, having her exposed to music, rhythm and tones was really beneficial. She'll be three this October and we're still taking classes. Now, of course, she dances, sings and basically leads the class! We're enrolled in a class in Eagan, though we live in Eden Prairie. Here's the link for Teacher Chris's class - there's one that starts next week if you'd like to try: You can also check out the main Music Together website for other locations/classes:



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T. esp at this age your options are endless realy, as long as you plan ahead. Just a few ideas:
Mommy and me groups
stroller walks
going to the park play in the sand (my son realy likes this), swing together, carry him through the sprinkler, read to him

go visit a frendly, trustworth pet (dog, cat , ect)
go to a cafe to visit gf's this will be fun for bolth of you
visit the zoo, the mall
I love to take my kids to the grocery store to talk about foods
ex lets get some bannanas for your lunch, juice.... And as they get older it can be a game not a chore. My 3 yr old and I have evolved this game to a scavanger hunt and she always learns something new.
I hope that I gave you some good ideas



answers from Madison on

SwimWest has great mom/baby classes! We love the warm water and friendly environment. We started when my baby was 6 months old.

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