Older Child: Squirt Guns

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Home for Summer. What to Do with the Kids, Im a Bit Bored.....

K.M. asks from Lafayette

Okay so I have a 24month old and a 7 year old (both boys). Home for summer and I was just wondering what other mother do with their children all summer. Money is a bi...


Easter Ideas for Boys......

K.M. asks from Lafayette

Hi moms, I was wondering if any of you could give me some ideas for easter basket or small gift ideas for boys? I have a 2 year old boy (34 months) and an 8 year old ...


What Things Can Keep Kiddos Busy in the Backyard While I Do Yardwork?

H.O. asks from Austin

We don't have a jungle gym or anything. What things do you have in the backyard that your kiddos love? I have a 3,5 and 10 year old. Thanks


Boys Birthday Party Ideas

L.C. asks from Chicago

My son is turning 6 very soon and Im not sure what to do for his party. Im a little annoyed at how much all the usual parties cost, like the jumping places or gym pl...


Guns in New Friends Home

R.B. asks from Los Angeles

We just moved to a new city and my 10 year old daughter has made a new friend who has been very warm and is in need of a friend as much as my daughter. They attend a ...


Kindergartener with Learning delays/Growth Hormone Resistant

C.C. asks from Detroit

My daughter is a sweet and loving child that has always been delayed in meeting all milestones i.e. walked at 18 months, delayed in speech, fine and gross motor skill...


Birthday party...oh Lord

E.B. asks from Seattle

I am throwing my first BIG birthday bash for my six year old. What do I do with twelve 6 year olds?? the party is three hours. We have tons of outside toys and stu...


Need Inexpensive Party Bag Ideas for a Pool Party!

L.S. asks from Providence

I'm in search of inexpensive party bag ideas suitable for both girls and boys for my daughter's 7th birthday party which is a pool party. Thanks!!


Games for Outside--what Do Your Boys Play?

☆.A. asks from Pittsburgh

Since the weather has been nice, and the neighborhood gang of boys is old enough to walk to each other's houses, it seems like most days we have a group of 3-8 boys h...


Play Guns

J.M. asks from Atlanta

I had a question about play guns. I have two boys ages 2 and 3. We are usually good about monitoring what they watch on tv. A couple of months ago at a yard sale I...