Older Child: Lands End

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Lands End Kid Shoes

J.V. asks from Chicago

I've bought my kids lots of shoes from Lands End in the past, but they are usually too big! I just did their size chart on my daughter, and by it, I should buy her a ...


Shopping for 8-Year-old

K.S. asks from Detroit

DD is growing out of the Gymboree brand, my go-to store when I need basics. Where do I shop next? Justice seems a bit "mature" for an 8-year-old, and it seems I can't...


Tall Skinny 7 Year Old Daughter

C.H. asks from Indianapolis

Is there some place or website that I can find longer pants or young girls? My 7 year old daughter is tall but also really skinny. In width she can wear a size 8 pant...


Really Need Clothes for Big 7 Year Old.

N.M. asks from New York

My 7 year old is very overweight (4"2 and 106lbs) I can't get any clothes for him anywhere, there's just nothing that fits him. All of his tops are too small and, ti...


Winter Coats

M.L. asks from Cleveland

I'm just procrastinating on another project so I thought I would throw this out there...nothing earth shattering...just wondering what kind of winter coats do people ...


Pull on Jeans for 4 Yo

K.R. asks from Boston

I checked past posts but wanted to see if anyone had any updated ideas. My 4 yo boy is typical height/weight but can't do snaps, zippers, etc. so I'm looking for pul...


Ordering Online Clothes for 8 Year Old Boy

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I need some suggestions for good places to order clothes for our son. I usually shop Old Navy and Children's Place for them, but I need some new online ordering idea...


Boys Uniform Pants

K.H. asks from Kansas City

Hey Moms! For those of you who have boys in uniform pants I was wondering which brand you've come to rely on. More specifically, which brand can stand up to a 6 yea...


Clotthes for Tall, Skinny 6 Year Old Boy

K.S. asks from Dallas

My 6 year old son is extremely thin and tall. I can not find pants that will fit him and that he will wear. They either fit around the waist and are too short. Or ...