Home for Summer. What to Do with the Kids, Im a Bit Bored.....

Updated on June 09, 2010
K.M. asks from Angola, LA
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Okay so I have a 24month old and a 7 year old (both boys). Home for summer and I was just wondering what other mother do with their children all summer. Money is a bit tight so we cant go out daily maybe once or twice at most. But I'm having a problem being creative and finding fun things to do around the house. So I will tell u what we usually do- my 7 year old does a few workbook pages every morning after breakfast. Then there is tv or video game time and we usually go outside for a lunch picnic. The rest of the day is like playing outside, reading books, park, library, board games, etc. Im feeling like maybe they are getting bored or maybe it's just me. What do you think? How do you spend your summer days with the kids?????/

Thanks in advance.....

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answers from Chicago on

I can say first off that kids need time to play without the adult micro managing every second of it. Let them play. when I was a kid my mom used to see us at breakfast lunch and dinner. we played outside with our friends all summer long. mostly in our backyard or a neighbors yard but she didn't sit next to us and tell us what and how to play. Not saying you do that lol but I see so many posts that ask what do you play with your kids and how to entertain them. don't. let them learn to entertain themselves. field trips are good but they should be special not just an every day thing or they are not special. if they get bored tell them to make up a game. physical or a board game whatever. read a book, play on the swings. but don't get trapped in the "let mommy show you how to do everything" role or you will have kids at highschool level saying "I am bored take me somewhere" all day every day. not good for either of you

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answers from New York on

Hi K.,
I would see about some playdates with classmates for the 7 year old and a playgroup for the toddler. Socialization is important.
I am off in the summers, which means I'm around for the kids but that I'm not making money. My kids have always gone to daycamp to keep busy (usually the inexpensive town one), the older one works and volunteers during her summers now.
Look into what your town, or rec dept, have available. I join our town lake in the summer - it's less than $100 for the whole family for the summer. It's not a big place, but the kids can swim. Since my kids are late June birthdays, to avoid clutter, I've gotten my son a season pass to our local water park as his birthday present the last couple of years. This lets us do some fun outings in the summertime, already paid for (I buy one for myself before the end of the school/work year). When people have asked about birthday gifts, I always say that movie theater giftcards are great with summer coming up! We also have a bargain theater not far away, so that lets us see some movies on rainy days. Do you have a discount theater in or near your town?
Remember that you dont' have to entertain the kids the entire time. They should be expected to play independently at times.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Our local county park, community center and library have programs for families and children with historic themes, nature/animal themes, hikes on their trails, stargazing, movies, concerts, plays, etc, Many are free of charge or low cost.

How about palnting a small garden? My kids like to plant cherry tomatoes and pick a few in the evenings to have with their snack.

Inside they like to build forts, make crafts, help make fruit salads, jello, cakes and cookies.

Outside, my kids like painting rocks to put in the garden. They like playing with sidewalk chalk and bubbles, hula hoops, riding bikes/scooters.

Sometimes my boredom comes from not having an adult to talk to. A playdate with a friend and her children is a big help.

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answers from Topeka on

Google things to do in your town and area...I am sure there are activities that are free or very inexpensive. While your boys are looking for books at the library, ask the librarian to help you find some books on crafts and activities for children. I also like the idea of play dates and get togethers...that give them AND you something different to do!! Maybe you could have weekly "themes" to make it more interesting for you and for them. My daughter recently had a Pirate Adventure for her son complete with buried treasure and a map of the back yard.
Enjoy the summer..it was always my favorite time of the year!!

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answers from San Antonio on

Yesterday there was a post titled something like "what to do with my 7 yr old neice" who is with her aunt for the summer. http://www.mamapedia.com/questions/5429490384558424065 Lots of ideas on there. I'm going to copy/paste a couple of my answers and change the 'she' to 'he':

Cook! Let him (your oldest son) find recipes online (put him on a kids website like http://www.childrensrecipes.com/). He can help make lunch. This will help with reading skills and math skills too (double a recipe, have him do 1/3 a cup. Let him play with the measuring cups. See if 3 1/3 cups really equal one cup.)

That being said, do fun math games. Use rice or beans to measure things. Learn on his own about cups/pints/quarts/gallons. Get old sour cream containers, ice cream pints, etc. Wash them and use those to help him learn what a pint is, a cup is, etc. (Sorry - I'm a former teacher. It's in my brain to do this sort of thing. My 2nd graders liked learning with these items they had at home - the ice cream containers and such).

Play in the sprinkler! Get squirt guns and water balloons. My 2 yr old loves is squirt gun!

Go for a walk around the neighborhood and play "I spy" at the same time, or have them collect things along the way. When they get home, let them make a picture book for your youngest (get 3 brown paper sacks, fold them in half, staple or hole punch and tie with string to bind). Tape the item to the book and write what it is on each page. ie: ROCK with a small rock taped to it. FLOWER with a dandlion taped to it. GRASS with lots of grass taped to the book.

Cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage. (animal collage, my favorite things collage, etc)
Or cut out the pictures, glue them to cardstock (old cereal boxes), tape those to a popsicle stick, and have yourself a litle puppet show. Your oldest can write a script!

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answers from Chicago on

Painting, chalk, bubbles, riding bikes, running in the sprinkler are all fun outdoor activities. Remember, kids need downtime too. What's wrong with laying in the grass and looking at the clouds? Daydreaming? If you're always entertaining them, they won't learn to entertain themselves. Worse, they'll always expect that life is full of things to do.

Is there no one that your 7yr old can play with? Any friends he can see to get out of your house for a few hours?

I wouldn't worry about them being bored.

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answers from Washington DC on

You need to find some friends for you and your kids.
The libraries usually have a summer reading program - that's always fun! Check with your recreation department to see if they have any free camps or activities.

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answers from Austin on

All great suggestions, also here in town some of the theaters have free childrens movies. Or free plays in the park. There is music and dancing at our City Hall every friday. Lots of fun to watch or dance along.

Check out your chamber of commerce scheduled events..

I used to let our daughter choose dinner for one night and then she would make the grocery list and that evening, I would show her how to make the meal.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Another thing your older boy might like is a paint station set up outside. I use an old door set on top of two coolers for the table. Little folding chairs set up next to it. I cover the door with old blueprint paper and use egg cartons to put the paint in. My kids almost 8 and almost 6 will paint for hours (with snacks breaks :)

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