Toys for 4 and 7 Year Old

Updated on November 29, 2014
L.H. asks from Livonia, MI
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Trying to find some ideas on what other boys my kids age are into. My boys are almost 7 and 4. They are into sports, monster trucks, books and board games but I want to explore what other kids their ages are playing with to get some ideas for Christmas. What does your 4 or 7 year old play with? Thanks!

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answers from Boston on

Mine are 4 and 6. Mostly legos, legos are their all time favorite. I'm thinking of getting them K'nex for something a little different this xmas. They use lincoln logs some, blue track for race cars, and monster trucks/transformers/spaceships.
They also really like play do and art supplies- mostly drawing. I'm getting my 6 year old a spirograph this year.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm surprised you didn't list legos. I think legos are great toy for the brain. I'd try to get them into it if they aren't.

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answers from Rochester on

Science kits
Art supplies
Plastic animals and dragons (like Schleich brand)

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answers from Los Angeles on

4 yr old: monster trucks, Matchbox tracks (they have some cute $15-$20
sets), big bouncy balls, plastic bat & plastic baseball (easy to hit) or put
it on a tee ball stand, little truck to drive around in, mini (child size) base-
ball glove, Nerf football, wood blocks to build with, dinosaurs.

7yr old: board games, basketball, football, baseball glove, DVD's, xBox
or Playstation games like Leggo, Minecraft rated "E" for everyone. Good
board games (Clue, Monopoly, Battleship), remote control car.



answers from Chicago on

legos and k'nex. minecraft.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My 8 year old loves Minecraft, and there are some instructional type books that he really wants, so he can learn to build new things.

My 4 year old likes puzzles and he still likes imaginative play, like superhero actions figures, etc.


answers from Albany on

You should totally get the 4 year old legos or magnetix and the 7 year old beyblades or yugioh or a basketball.

-Recommended from a 20 yr old son of a mom



answers from Detroit on

My kids are 6-10. They are all into Pokemon cards and Kendama (wood Chinese skill toy). They got into these due to peer interests. Mine also love role play-playing school and house. So I'm getting them a wood easel (Aldi has one for $26!) and I already got a bunch of school stuff from dollar tree.
They also love minecraft. They are also getting a bunch of board games. One is diary of a wimpy kid game. And books! My older two love cartoon type books.

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