9 Year Old Birthday

Updated on June 02, 2013
K.F. asks from Tempe, AZ
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My oldest daughter is turning 9 on June 10th.I asked want do you want for your birthday.She was a nintendo DSI.Does your child have a ds or whatever?If so,when did he/she get it?

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answers from Phoenix on

My son was 7 when he got his first one. He's 10 now and used birthday money to buy the latest model. We're saving the old one for my 5 year old. I've just given him the goal of learning his numbers and letters first. He's just about there. :-) I, personally think 9 is old enough for a DS. Happy Birthday to her.

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answers from Washington DC on


Happy Birthday to your you daughter!!

My kids were 6 and 8 when they got their DS. they don't have the DSi nor do they have the 3D one. Plain and simple DS.

I would buy her one. There are lots of fun games. And if she likes to cook - then there is a cooking "game" -


where she can actually learn to cook. I don't know how her mother died so I don't know if "cooking mama" will make her miss her mom or start her grieving process over again...so sorry if that's not a great example.

Good luck!

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answers from Columbia on

My daughter got a DS when she was in 2nd grade (7) - but not for her birthday. She was tested for reading difficulties and the Literacy specialist recommended I get her the DS with several "educational" games.... crossword puzzles, the brain games. etc to help her learning and memory.

For her 9th birthday she got a Wii - she is 12 and we still use the Wii - it was one of the best purchases we made. She will get additional games for birthdays now. We like "family game night" and the one with yoga, I can't remember the name of that game. we also play "resort sports" quite a bit.

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answers from Detroit on

Our 9 year old got one when she was 8. Our 8 year old got one when he was 6, our 7 year old was 6, and our 4 year old was three. It's really all about when they notice their friends have them.
They can pictochat on the dsi (all my kids do this together) and text back and forth. They also LOVE to take pics.
Its a part of their screen time. It's theirs-but they know they can not play it beyond their regular screen time.
At 9 I would recommend the DSI and not the DS. Our 4 year old is the only one that has a regular DS.
Look for a package deal where you can get the DSI, games, and a case and that way you will be set for a little while. Many of the department store websites do this.
Great for appiontments/ long car trips-etc.


answers from Grand Forks on

My boys got their ds's when they were 4 and 7 I believe. It may have been younger than that. My 10 year old doesn't play with his ds much anymore, he prefers his ipod touch, but my 8 year old still likes his.



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes, my SD got her when she was 9.
I think it's fine & you can just limit the time on it.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Most kids have had them by this time. I don't know of many 9 year olds that haven't already worn at least one out. We bought the kids tablets instead. I told them they could have a DS but they wouldn't have any games to play because each game for it cost about $20 and then they go up in price.

They play on their tablets a lot. They get tons of free games online and play them where ever they go. We DO NOT buy a service for these tablets. There is plenty of free internet around and we can go to one of those places or at home to go to the market and download as many free games as they want. They never pay for anything.



answers from Kansas City on

My son got his when he was 6 or 7.
He's 10 now and it has been replaced by an iPad.
Check Game Stop for great deals on previously owned Nintendo DS products!



answers from Las Vegas on

My son got one when he was about 7.. played with it steadily for about a year, and now, has no interest in that or other video games..


answers from Tampa on

My son got one for Christmas when he was 4.5


answers from Columbia on

I wouldn't bother with the DS. Get her an iPod Touch. It can do SOOOOO much more than a DS, lots of games are free, and she can use it to text you if you have an iPhone. That's handy.



answers from Miami on

My daughter has a ds. She is allowed to play it on weekends. Girls seem to liek the cooking mama and princess peach. My daughter also likes the fashion one. I do not see a problem with DSI's as long as parent limit the video playing.



answers from Detroit on

I got my son a DSi XL for Christmas when he was almost 8. He had wanted one for years. We have never yet connected it to the internet, though.

I liked the XL for the bigger screen. Honestly, I did not know much about them, so I asked my 6th grade students and they steered me in the right direction! LOL They did tell me that the 3D one was not that great, which was what I had also read in reviews. Not sure if they even make the 3D one since we got his a couple years ago.

One good thing we found is our library rents out games. That saves on costs and the disappointment of saving allowance money only to find that the game is not that great!

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