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Good Lip Balms?

My kindergartener has horribly chapped lips as well as the area all around his mouth. We have been putting Avon kids stuff on him, but I think he likes the flavor and licks at it, totally defeating the purpose. I was wondering what brands of lip balm or other treatment you Moms would recommend. His face looks so sore!

By Car

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9-Year-old Asking About Sex

My daughter has asked me what the word sex means and what sex is. She is 9. I explained to her that some questions are very difficult to answer and that I would like some time to think about it so I answer it the best way I can. She accepted that but I feel I need to give her an answer soon. Any suggestions? How much should a 9-year-old know? It's obvious someone, probably a kid at school, has used the word or talked about it. Otherwise she wouldn't be asking. I do realize she could have also gotten it from TV. We have already talked about...


6 Year Old Allowance

My daughter is almost 6 years old. She has no concept of money. She thinks...

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9 Year Old Chores

Hello, I would like some advice about expectations of cleanliness for a 9...

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Train or Plane?

My wonderful 50 something mother and her long time fiancee' (they live in Sacramento, CA) have decided to tie the knot this summer. The problem: they're doing it in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada AND they want us to attend and bring our children. I am very excited and happy, but the idea of traveling hundreds of miles (we live in Louisiana) with a 6 year old and a 17 month old to the "gambling mecca of the universe" makes my stomach queesy. Now, I have traveled long distances in the past with both of them (once to Walt Disney World and...


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6 Year Old Allowance

My daughter is almost 6 years old. She has no concept of money. She thinks...


Where to Vacation???

So my husband and i are thinking of taking a vacation togeather next year...