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9-Year-old Asking About Sex

G.H. asks from Cincinnati

My daughter has asked me what the word sex means and what sex is. She is 9. I explained to her that some questions are very difficult to answer and that I would like ...


Would You Let Your 9 Year Old Walk Home from School?

C.V. asks from San Antonio

My 9 year old son wants to walk to his friend's house after school on Friday. He would be walking with his friend & the distance is probably less than a mile. The nei...


Christmas Gifts for 8 Year Old Girl?

N.R. asks from Chicago

Looking for some great ideas for gifts for an 8 year old not-too-girlie-girl. (She's no longer into dolls and princesses, etc.) She is at a loss for what she wants an...


Potty Target for Boys to Pee On?

A.S. asks from Pittsburgh

My 6 year old son always seems to end up making a bit of a mess when he pees. He goes standing up. (My 3 year old still sits down and that works fine). I tell him ...


My 8 Year Old Son Has Underarm Odor

M.H. asks from Kansas City

My son in the last few days has had very strong underarm odor. He is only 8 and I think way too young for deoderant or puberty. Does anyone have this problem with t...


Target Areas

R.B. asks from La Crosse

I have lost 12lbs so far. My goal is 20lbs total... but would really like to get to 30lbs total. I have a little ways to go yet, but getting there :) There is a no...


7 Year Old Doesn't like to Read

K.M. asks from Kansas City

My 7 year old daughter doesn't like to do her reading homework and my 5 year old is starting to pick up on it. I know I am not that big of a reader, but I keep magaz...


Another Xmas Gift question...no Ideas for My 6 Year Old

E.J. asks from Lincoln

Yep, sorry ladies, I'm asking the question that will probably be asked by many other before the big Christmas! I can't think of anything to get my 6 year old son...


9 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift Ideas?

S.H. asks from Madison

What would you suggest getting a 9 year old boy who has pretty much everything due to having an older brother?


8 Year Old Son Who Is Not Interested in School Academics.

S.P. asks from New York

My 8 year old has no interest in school what so ever. He likes going to school but it takes him to long to finish his work , he is easily distracted and he is forget...