Older Child: Melissa & Doug

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6 Year Old Girl Gift

A.O. asks from Sacramento

We are going to a birthday party tomorrow for a 6 year old little girl. I got her a melissa and doug decorate your own jewlrey box and melissa and Doug coloring page...


Gift for 7 Year Old Boy

V.H. asks from St. Louis

My friend lives out of town and her son will be turning 7 in a few weeks. I want to send him something for his birthday but am at a total loss! Does anyone know of ...


Looking for Advice on Toy Train Set

J.K. asks from Chicago

We're considering investing in a toy train set for the kids and a lot of the reviews we've read favor the Melissa and Doug set. I've never seen it and I'm wondering ...


Easel for Soon-to-be 6 Year Old

M.J. asks from Chicago

I'm in search of easel recommendations for my soon to be 6 year old daughter. I'm leaning towards purchasing the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Floor Standing Wooden Easel bu...


How Do I Help My 6 Year Old Remember Daily Tasks?

A.K. asks from Seattle

I have a six year old son who started kindergarten this year. I realize that there is a lot to remember in school, and that he is only six, but it seems that things a...


Gift Ideas for a 6 Year Old Girl

B.C. asks from Dallas

My favorite niece is turning 6 this week. She has a 4 year old sister and an almost 2 year old brother. I'm looking for gift ideas for her. My sister just says..."She...


Ours Was the Only One Acting Out in This Fashion- Sitting Still Suggestions??

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas - I know it is bad practice to compare kids, but at a christening party we attended this weekend, it was pretty conspicuous that ours was the only o...


At What Age Did Your Kids Learn to Tie Their Shoes?

Z.B. asks from Toledo

My 6 year old is very independent but struggling. I suspect this is actually quite normal. Do you think it's ok that a 6 year old is still learning this skill?


8 Year Birthday Party

S.B. asks from Tampa

My daughter is turning 8 and i am having a party for her at the the park and i was wondering what kind iof games i can do for her. Any ideas would be great.


Need Book Suggestions

S.W. asks from Dallas

I need to buy two gifts for two children that have absolutely everything. I need an actual small gift, not a gift card or donation to a charity. I'm thinking maybe ...