Older Child: Steroids

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Asthma & Steroids

A.T. asks from Yuba City

Hello, I am seeking advice from other Mom's that have experience with young Children with Asthma. My son who was born with Asthma has been on Allergy medicine and (...


Pulmicort - Steroids for Asthma/Lung Issues

D.G. asks from Detroit

Do any of you have children who have taken Pulmicort or another steroid for asthma/lung issues. My son was born 3 months premature and therefore had immature lungs. ...


10 Year Old Gets Her period...lost for Words!

B.J. asks from Longview

Hello, My 10 year old niece started her period today. I didnt know what to say to her. Is this normal for her to start this young. I didn't get mine until my 8th g...


7 Year-old with Digestive problems....could It Be Celiac or Chron's?

S.L. asks from Provo

I am the parent of 3. My oldest, a 7-year-old girl, has had gastrointestinal problems for about 3 years. Lots of pain varying in severity, and hard for her to descr...


Suggestion for 8 Year Old Who Is Always Stuffy and Coughing

D.L. asks from Phoenix

My son who just turned 8 for most of his life coughs in the morning and when hes physically active. Hes always stuffy and congested. The Dr. just prescribes allergy...


6 Year Old and Pagents...

M.W. asks from Nashville

My 6 year old's babysitter was watching that show Toddlers and Tiarras with her... Now she wants to do a pagent. I don't know that I really want to encourage her. I h...


My 9 Year Old Son Has Croup

V.D. asks from Minneapolis

My 9 year old Son has been diagnosed with croup. Has anyone else had a schoolage child with this? I am not sure when he can go back to school. He had a bad night agai...


6 Year Old Daughter with Chronic Ear Eczema

A.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi- My nearly 6 year old daughter has had chronic eczema behind her ear since she was 3 years old. We have tried many approaches to heal it: homeopathy (myself throug...


6 Year Old Who Gets Migraines and Throws Up

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

I am hoping to find someone out there who has a similar situation. My nephew who is 6 years old gets migraines and throws up. This has been going on since he was 2, p...


What to Do About a 6 Year Old Who Still Needs Pull-ups at Night?

A.P. asks from Anchorage

Our almost 6.5 year old son still needs to wear Pull-ups to bed at night! I have heard that it shouldn't be considered 'bed wetting' until the age of 6 so we've been...