Easter Ideas for Boys......

Updated on April 22, 2011
K.M. asks from Angola, LA
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Hi moms, I was wondering if any of you could give me some ideas for easter basket or small gift ideas for boys? I have a 2 year old boy (34 months) and an 8 year old boy. Money is sort of tight, but I would like to get them some nice treats because thats what I usually do....

Thanks so much!

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answers from Sacramento on

Mini basket ball
Matchbox cars
(You can find these cheap at Wal-mart or Walgreen's).
Chocolate bunny.
eggs in shapes of sport balls
inexpensive t-shirt
sand bucket and scooper

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answers from Cincinnati on

summer is comming and outdoor toys are a great idea. we got my 20mnth old a tee ball set for easter

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answers from Detroit on

I got a kite to put in my 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 year old boys baskets this year. I also got some small puzzles (my 3 1/2 year old is really into puzzles), books, movies, and toothbrushes. I try to stay away from the candy since they get that from their school Easter parties.

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answers from Dallas on

Lots of good ideas already! One thing I just thought of is flip-flops for summer!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Easter at our house in not huge gitfts usually something for outside- bad mitten games, horse shoes, Crochet, baseballs and bats, soccer balls, usually you can get this stuff pretty cheap. I don't get a lot of candy usually I buy them something they will actually eat

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answers from Omaha on

Easter eggs with a few quarters/nickels/dimes hidden inside -- hide one or two with a couple of bucks in them

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answers from Dallas on

Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, toy cars, loopdy-loop straws, balsa wood planes, bucket and shovel. All of these things can be found at any dollar store. :) Happy Easter!

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answers from Houston on

Maybe bubbles & sidewalk chalk or an Easter board book for the younger boy and a jump rope or yo-yo & paper airplane book or Klutz activity book for the older boy?

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answers from Dallas on

Bubbles (as many have stated)
Stamps (my 3 yo was obsessed with them)
toy cars



answers from Pittsburgh on

Bathing suit, sunglasses, model kits for the 8 yo, nerf balls, squirt guns, baseballs



answers from Mobile on

This year I went to Dollar Tree (where everything is $1 or less).
I purchased a big Sand Bucket with shovel attached to use for Easter Baskets.
I had a ball walking around picking out little goodies to put in their buckets.
In lieu of candy, I chose some fun items like:
Spiderman toothbrushes
Bath Books
Jump Ropes
Sidewalk Chalk
Cartoon DVD's

I can't wait to see their responses on Easter morning!

I hope these ideas are helpful and inspiring.

Happy Easter!



answers from Oklahoma City on

My 6 and 8 yr old love Silly String. I bought cans at the dollar store for them and the cousins to have a blast with this weekend. Outside of course. lol I got it at the Dollor Tree. And they get a chocolate Easter Bunny. We don't get big things. We keep it small. I got some ball toss things with a velcro catcher and ping pong looking set from Wal-greens for only $3.



answers from Dallas on

What are they into, as far as toys or other things? My Son is into firetrucks, so we are thinking a firetruck Easter basket with little fire trucks,etc...

You could do their favorite types of candy- if they like chocolate, you could focus on small chocolates, with caramel, with other fillings,etc... If they prefer jelly beans, you could get those or other fruity type of candy. If they are into stuffed animals, you could focus on their favorite animal. If they are into sports, like basketball or soccer, you could get them little basketballs, or soccer balls or other things with a basketball on it or a soccer ball on it. If they like Clifford, you get Clifford things, or if they like Barney or Thomas the train or Tron or Cars, you could get Cars things.... Hope this helps!



answers from St. Louis on

I always tried to stick with the small stuff: slappy hands, balsa planes, Hot Wheels, bubbles, etc.

Coins are always popular! As are $1 & $2 bills.

& then we have my DH who emptied out the eggs & put IOUs in them...but the kids were much older! Priceless photo op....because not a single other adult knew what he'd been up to! He nailed all of us....

EDIT: I forgot.... I also used comic books, small reading books, necklaces, & sunglasses!

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