Older Child: Squirt Guns

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Ideas on What to Do w/Kids During Summer Break

K.B. asks from Salt Lake City

I need some suggestions on things to do w/kids during their Summer break. I have a 6 yr old, 8 yr old and sometimes a 12 yr old w/us as well. Normally am not home w...


Summer Fun Ideas

C.B. asks from Boston

Hello Girls, Well summertime is approaching quickly & I'm in desperate need of plenty of fun-filled ideas for my boys (ages 3 1/2 & 6 yrs old). I've done loads of...


Superheroes and Kids

A.F. asks from New York

As a mother to a four and a half year old daughter, I never really thought about Superheroes and what they represent. My daughter is now into Princesses. I realize th...


Call of Duty Video Game

R.A. asks from Los Angeles

My Mom saw my 5 year old son playing Call of Duty on my husband’s PSP Player and she gave me quite the lecture. She said the game was completely inappropriate for ...


Laptop for Kids?

A.W. asks from Chicago

My husband and I were talking about Christmas last night and he said he wants to get our daughter her own laptop. I said, yeah MAYBE she can have a laptop when she's ...


"Our House Is Boring..."

P.R. asks from Seattle

We live in a very nice house, kids have Wii, XBox, scooters, bikes, playhouse, etc. My 5-year-old daughter has a friend over and comes down and starts moping around....


Home Party Ideas

S.W. asks from St. Louis

Hello Mamas - My baby girl is turning 6 in July and has asked to have her party at home. Which is fine, except that I don't know what to do with a group of 10 6 year...


On a Mission to Enjoy Our Kids More! What Are Your Tips?

S.K. asks from Dallas

Mamas, I had a realization today. My husband and I LOVE our boys, that goes without saying. But we don't enjoy them enough. There is always so much to do, we are t...


Bath Time Is No Fun - Help Bring Back the Smiles

L.A. asks from Seattle

Help I need suggestions - this last week bath time has become a nightmare with my 2 year old daughter (28 months)- there are tears and screaming and grabbing. I'm no...


Toy Guns

J.K. asks from Cleveland

What is your opinion on toy guns? Do you think a child will become "violent" if he/she uses toy guns? That sounds silly to even say, considering I used to play with...