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Squirt Guns at School

C.W. asks from Lynchburg

Please help me here... I am making end of the year 'goodie bags' for my daughter's class. She is in a 'self contained' special education setting. Any way, in...


Boy Party Favors

A.V. asks from Detroit

My daughters 1st Birthday is coming up and I am doing the whole Royal Princess Theme. I bought the girls Princess notepad/Gel pen and paton (sp)I am stuck on what to...


Need Ideas for Party Favors

J.S. asks from Santa Fe

My son is turning 3 in a few weeks (!!!) and we're having his birthday party at the swimming pool with all his little friends. We want to have little gifts for his f...


Curious - Toy Guns in Your Home

J.G. asks from San Antonio

Whether you're pro-gun or anti-gun in your home ..... what about squirt guns and bubble guns and cap guns? I am curious if the anti-gun mamas out there allow or do ...


Baby Shower in a Box Ideas

M.R. asks from Rochester

My younger sister lives several states away and is expecting her first baby at the end of December. I have some gifts to send her but found out she's not really havi...



E.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, I have an issue that I'm not sure how to handle. My husband & I don't allow our boys to play with toy guns or watch violent TV shows. We believe it's not sa...


Neighbor Mom Always Reprimanding the Other Kids. Are We Out of Line?

M.M. asks from Los Angeles

We have new neighbors. The family moved next door to us about 3 months ago. All the neighbors in my neighborhood are friends, all have kids the same age, get togethe...


Kindergartener with Learning delays/Growth Hormone Resistant

C.C. asks from Detroit

My daughter is a sweet and loving child that has always been delayed in meeting all milestones i.e. walked at 18 months, delayed in speech, fine and gross motor skill...


Am I the Only One Broke???

B.K. asks from Austin

Our family lives paycheck to paycheck. The money is spent before we see it in the bank. Am i the only one? I am a stay at home mother of 3 children. Oldest 13 yea...


1 Year Old Birthday Party

V.P. asks from Dallas

I am in need of some entertainment suggestions for a 1 year old birthday party. I will have kids from 2 to 5 attending the party and I want to make sure I have somet...