Healthcare Providers: Older Child

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Letter from Santa

I have been with my daycare lady for almost 6 years. My kids seem to be very ha...


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Allergic to Gluten

My allergy test from a blood sample finally came in . . . as suspected, I am all...


Allergic to Soy

My 7 year old is allergic to soy. It is in EVERYTHING. He is also lactose into...


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Chiropractor Needed

Does anyone have any suggestions for a chiropractor on the Northwest side of Chicago (Jefferson, Edison or Norwood Park) or nearby suburb (Niles, Park ...

Counselor or Therapist

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Psychologist for Children

hello moms. I have made the choice to no longer continue my marriage. there are so many things wrong with it and due to him not wanting to help fix it ...


7 Year Old Discipline

My 7 year old girl will not do her chores. I have a list of chores on the refri...

Counselors & Therapists

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Troubled 7 Year Old

Hi everyone, You have all been so wonderful in the past. I thankyou all very mu...


8 Year Old Boys

Ok, I feel kind of bad for even writing this, but I need some other thoughts, co...


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Orthodontist for a 7 Year Old?

I took my kids to their 6-month cleaning with the dentist this week. The dentist mentioned that my 7-year old son's bite was a little off and I might ...


6 Year Old Molars

Hi ladies. I've already called my dentist about this, but just wanted to hear f...


Braces for 8 Year Old?

Any of you mommas have young kiddos in braces? I'm wondering cause they want to...


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Can anyone give me a name of a good honest dermatologist . My 3 year old is having a skin issue and the doctor says it's allergies but it is getting wo...


9 Year Old with Eczema

Hi! My 9 year old daughter keeps developing a big rash on her back legs. The ov...


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ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)

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Eyes, Ear, Nose, & Throat Doctor

Hi Moms, its me with another question. I hope someone can help me, I'm looking for an Eyes, Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor in Dallas, I am willing to dr...


7 Year Old Runny Nose

I am looking for some suggestions on OTC items or remedies to help my 7 year old...


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9-Year-old Asking About Sex

My daughter has asked me what the word sex means and what sex is. She is 9. I explained to her that some questions are very difficult to answer and tha...


PED Or Family Doctor?

Hi our kids are 11yrs,7yrs,and 5yrs. We have belonged to the same to the PED for...


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Seeking Referral for Great Podiatrist

Do you have a great podiatrist you've seen who has really helped you with a foot problem? Preferably in the SFV or even Brentwood or Santa Monica. ...

Primary Care Physician

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In Need of a GREAT Primary Care Physician

I am new to gilbert and I am looking for a GREAT primary care physician. If you have one that you love and could refer me to them I would GREATLY APPR...

Surgeon or Specialist

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9 Year Old Birthday

My oldest daughter is turning 9 on June 10th.I asked want do you want for your birthday.She was a nintendo DSI.Does your child have a ds or whatever?If...