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Seeking Info on Pediatric Surgeon for 7 Year Old Child

Hi parents! Here I am again with a question for all you helpful & thoughtful people. Long story short, we are in need of a great pediatric surgeon in the Plano area. My daughter will need to have minor surgery on her ear lobes after the backs of her earrings were pushed under the skin of the earlobe & gotten infected. I looked up providers on our insurance plan & am wondering if anyone has any feedback on the following physicians: Drs: Darrell Hermann, Thomas Renard, Robert Minkes or Shane Miller. Thank you so much for your time and...


Letter from Santa

I have been with my daycare lady for almost 6 years. My kids seem to be...


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Help-my 8 Year Old Is Very Picky About Her Food.

I have an 8 year old that is very picky about food. She either wants something different from what i've made and if not, she won't eat. I can't get her to eat veggies or healthy food. It all started one day that we were at my in laws house, and she almost vomited, ever since then, she is always saying that if she tries something new she's going to throw up. I've tried telling her to try something first, before saying she doesn't like it, I've tried the mother and daughter cook day, where we make somthing together, i've tried to hide the...


Allergic to Gluten

My allergy test from a blood sample finally came in . . . as suspected, I am...


Allergic to Soy

My 7 year old is allergic to soy. It is in EVERYTHING. He is also lactose...


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Looking for a Chiropractor in Lakewood Area

My cousin is looking for a chiropractor in the Lakewood area; she is pregnant with her second child and thinks it might be helpful. She has never been to one though and is therefore a little nervous. Any recommendations are much appreciated!

Counselor or Therapist

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Psychologist for Children

hello moms. I have made the choice to no longer continue my marriage. there are so many things wrong with it and due to him not wanting to help fix it I no longer have the will to fix it. anyways this is effecting my 6 year old really bad. she thinks he is going to move back to California which I don't think he is. I think she needs someone to talk to who isn't family. so today i went and made an appointment with her dr to talk about getting a referral to a pediatric psychologist. i feel like this is a good move and will want to keep...

Counselors & Therapists

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Need a GR8 Counselor for My 8 Year Old Son and I, He Has ADHD

My 8 year old son and I are going through a lot of rough times with his ADHD. I know it's my lack of tools to deal with his misbehavior. Also, I just can't always relate to him. He has two younger 1/2 siblings from a previous marriage (different father). I am going through a divorce (from my two younger children's father) and I know he is having a hard time with that also. I feel bad because since he is the oldest I expect more from him. I feel bad because now I am a single mother of three beautiful children, working shift work I can't...


Troubled 7 Year Old

Hi everyone, You have all been so wonderful in the past. I thankyou all...


8 Year Old Boys

Ok, I feel kind of bad for even writing this, but I need some other thoughts...


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Orthodontist for a 7 Year Old?

I took my kids to their 6-month cleaning with the dentist this week. The dentist mentioned that my 7-year old son's bite was a little off and I might want to think about a orthodontist. When I asked when he should go, the dentist said that now would be a good time. I fully accept that orthodontists are in our future. I will pay the money to let my children have good teeth. However, my son only has 4 permanent adult teeth so far. Is it really common to start with an orthodontist this young before the adult teeth have even come in? ...


6 Year Old Molars

Hi ladies. I've already called my dentist about this, but just wanted to...


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12 Year Molars Coming up in My 8 Year Old.

Does anyone have experience with this? My 8 year old told me she was having pain in her mouth before bedtime last night, so I took a flashlight and took a peek and sure enough her 12 year molars are getting ready to poke through. My concern is not so much that she's an early bloomer in this area but that she's only lost 5 baby teeth so far and some of them had to be pulled because there was no room for the adult tooth that was coming in. She is little thing with tiny features and I'm concerned that the dentist is going to want to start...


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9 Year Old with Eczema

Hi! My 9 year old daughter keeps developing a big rash on her back legs. The over the counter lotions do not seem to help and tend to sting her. I do not really want to start her on a steroid cream. Any ideas? J.Clare


A Good Dermatologist

Can anyone recommend a good dermatologist for psoriasis, moles and scarring...


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Should I Get a Doula for My First Pregnancy?

I'm pregnant with my first and plan on having a natural childbirth. I've heard doula's are awesome to have and am not sure if I should. My partner is very supportive, he has a 10yr old, so he's been through it before. My mom plans on being there (if she can) and she's had 6 kids all natural births. Would a doula be more than I need, or do you think one would still be worth the cost? If so does anyone have recomendations, or should I ask my doctor? And what should I expect to pay?

ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)

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Eyes, Ear, Nose, & Throat Doctor

Hi Moms, its me with another question. I hope someone can help me, I'm looking for an Eyes, Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor in Dallas, I am willing to drive to find one. My almost 3 year old is not articulating her words clearly, she will try to repeat what you say but it comes out a different way. This is causing me so much stress because I don't know what else there is for me to do. I want to get her checked out to ensure me everything is ok. She already go to speech therapy and they told me to get her ears checked. I have already did that...


7 Year Old Runny Nose

I am looking for some suggestions on OTC items or remedies to help my 7 year...


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9-Year-old Asking About Sex

My daughter has asked me what the word sex means and what sex is. She is 9. I explained to her that some questions are very difficult to answer and that I would like some time to think about it so I answer it the best way I can. She accepted that but I feel I need to give her an answer soon. Any suggestions? How much should a 9-year-old know? It's obvious someone, probably a kid at school, has used the word or talked about it. Otherwise she wouldn't be asking. I do realize she could have also gotten it from TV. We have already talked about...


PED Or Family Doctor?

Hi our kids are 11yrs,7yrs,and 5yrs. We have belonged to the same to the PED...


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Seeking Referral for Great Podiatrist

Do you have a great podiatrist you've seen who has really helped you with a foot problem? Preferably in the SFV or even Brentwood or Santa Monica. I have excruciating foot pain that I need to get to the bottom of. Thanks so much!

Primary Care Physician

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In Need of a GREAT Primary Care Physician

I am new to gilbert and I am looking for a GREAT primary care physician. If you have one that you love and could refer me to them I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT.

Surgeon or Specialist

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9 Year Old Birthday

My oldest daughter is turning 9 on June 10th.I asked want do you want for your birthday.She was a nintendo DSI.Does your child have a ds or whatever?If so,when did he/she get it?