Looking for Pediatric Dermatologist near Glen Ellyn, IL

Updated on March 01, 2006
A.K. asks from Glen Ellyn, IL
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Hello I'm looking for a pediatric dermatologist in the Glen Ellyn, IL area for my 4 month old son. He has developed some sort of skin rash or allergic reaction to something and using cetaphil wash and lotions is not working. His father has sensitive skin but what my son is experiencing seems a little extreme!

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answers from Chicago on

Hi A. -
My infant son also had a rash on his face. My pediatrician just kept telling me to use hydrocortisone, but it would work for a few days and then come back. Other lotions didn't work either.
I finally took him to a regular dermatologist here in Oswego who right away diagnosed him with having eczema and wrote me a prescription. It was way better within a day or two and now only flares up off and on and once I start him up on the medicine again, it goes away.
(As an aside, he had been sleeping really badly and waking often, seeming just miserable, and as soon as he started on the medicine he slept through the night! I guess it had been itching him, poor guy.)
I know that Oswego isn't near Glen Ellyn, but the dermatologist that I took him to is Dr. Anna Vawter at the Oswego Dreyer Clinic. I would think that just a normal dermatologist would be able to help you.
I hope I was able to help.



answers from Chicago on

Hi A.,
I've read articles regarding baby products and surprisingly enough most products use ingrediants that are harmfull to the skin. I used earth frienldy baby products that are all natural. If I were you, I would change my shampoo,baby wash and lotion using all natural products. Some of the main culprits are sodium laureth sulfate, mineral oil and alchol in lotion (yes alchol dries skin, right?). I would also consider changing detergents to an all natural one as well. The below link is for all natural products (earth friendly baby products). I still use Burt's Bee lotion ( i love the spell too). You can purchase burts bees lotion at whole foods or trader joes.

Here is a link to google regading sodium laurth:

early friendly baby products:

Burt's Bee's products:

Good Luck!



answers from Houston on

A. --

My son had similar skin issues from the day he was born for nearly a year until I found a skin doctor who could help us. We were referred to Dr. Neha Robinson in downtown Chicago. It was a long drive for us from Oswego, IL, but the difference it made in my son's life was far worth the drive. Dr. Robinson is affiliated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital, however her practice is not at the hospital. She is located at 310 West Superior and the number is ###-###-####. She gave us a creme as well as an oral medication that our son takes daily whenever the rash appears (in our case, it was eczema). Our son was itching to the point that his hands would bleed, and his little toes had a rash all over them. Within a few days of seeing the doctor, it had all cleared up and he was able to sleep through the night again without the itching and discomfort. She has a wonderful bedside manner and was great with our son. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER.

Good luck with your son's skin!




answers from Chicago on

Hi- Ed Keuer, MD is a pediatric dermatologist, I believe in westchester, but also works out of the Children's Memorial satellite offices (close to Glen Ellyn).

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