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Midwife and Doula near Palatine, IL

I've always visited an Ob-Gyn and am not familiar with midwives or doulas. Now that I'm pregnant, I've heard a lot of good things about midwives/doulas. If you've had experiences before, can you share the pros/cons from your point of view? Additionally, do you have a personal referral for a midwife and doula in the area that you can share? If you could also kindly describe reasons why you recommend them that would be very helpful as well. I live in Palatine but nearby suburb areas may work too. Thanks!!


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Allergic to the Dog?

My 18-month old has a pretty-much contiuously runny nose. It usually combined with nasal congestion. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to bother her and it doesn't transform into infections or other problems. I suspect she may be allergic to our dog. Is there a way to tell? Is it possible to test for just a dog allergy? Or do I have to subject her to a huge painful test? I really don't want to do that, but if she is allergic I need to konow.


Allergy or What?

When getting my 2 year old ready for dinner i took her shirt off and found...


Allergy or Not?

Recently my hands and feet started to itch something fierce. I thought...


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Chiropractor for Toddler

My 18 month old son has been having issues with constipation and his pediatrician has recommended taking him to a chiropractor. Has anyone taken their toddler to a chiropractor before? I've never been to one before and am not sure about it - would like to hear from anyone who has taken their child. Thanks! S.


Chiropractor in Plano

My 20 year old daughter would like to go to a chiropractor, we live in Plano...


Need a Chiropractor

I just moved to Highlands Ranch and I'm in need of a Chiropractor. Does...

Counselor or Therapist

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Seeking a Child Therapist / Counselor / Psychologist in the Western Suburbs

Can anyone recommend a good therapist / counselor / psychologist specializing in children? My daughter, age 4, is having extreme behavioral issues that I need help dealing with. I have no experience with this and I don't want to just pick a random name out of the phone book. Thanks for any insight you might be able to share! Several people have suggested that more information about her specific behaviors would be helpful, so here's what I'm seeing: Extreme tantrums including self-injury (biting herself and leaving marks, scratching...

Counselors & Therapists

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Seeking a Marriage Counselor...

My husband and I desperately need a marriage counselor now. Any suggestions for a good therapist in Troy or surrounding areas? If he/she accepts insurance, that's a plus.


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What to Do About This Orthodontist?

So my daughter has completed her “phase one” of orthodontic work to fix an overbite. During that course of treatment, starting around the age of 10, she had 6 teeth pulled. The first two by a dentist and the other 4 by a oral surgeon with laughing gas. After the first teeth pulling my daughter was beyond traumatized so that is why we spent the extra dough to have an oral surgeon do the next recommended teeth to extraction. Now 2 years later, we are in the limbo phase before the 2nd phase where the orthodontist wants to put braces on...


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Looking for Dentist...

I'm looking for a good Dentist in the Schaumburg, Hanover Park area. Thank's M.


Dentist in Naperville

Our dentist recently left the practice we were going to and we don't want to...


Need a Dentist!

Okay I am the biggest baby when it comes to dentist and doctors and the such...


Seeking a Dentist

hi everyone, i am wondering if anyone could recommend a dentist to me in the...


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Looking for Pediatric Dermatologist near Glen Ellyn, IL

Hello I'm looking for a pediatric dermatologist in the Glen Ellyn, IL area for my 4 month old son. He has developed some sort of skin rash or allergic reaction to something and using cetaphil wash and lotions is not working. His father has sensitive skin but what my son is experiencing seems a little extreme!


A Good Dermatologist

Can anyone recommend a good dermatologist for psoriasis, moles and scarring...


Need a Dermatologist

Hey Moms - I'm looking for a good dermatologist - I work in Addison and...


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Experience with Doula

Hi I am hiring a doula for my upcoming labor in a couple of weeks. What should I expect? Anyone had any experiences with a doula?


Anyone Have a Doula?

anyone have a doula? how was your experience? if you didn't have a doula,...


Looking for a Doula

Does anyone know of a Doula in the Plano area they could recommend? Thank you!


Becoming a Doula

I am interested in pursuing a certification in becoming a Doula and have...

ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)

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Eyes, Ear, Nose, & Throat Doctor

Hi Moms, its me with another question. I hope someone can help me, I'm looking for an Eyes, Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor in Dallas, I am willing to drive to find one. My almost 3 year old is not articulating her words clearly, she will try to repeat what you say but it comes out a different way. This is causing me so much stress because I don't know what else there is for me to do. I want to get her checked out to ensure me everything is ok. She already go to speech therapy and they told me to get her ears checked. I have already did that...

Fertility Specialist

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Need Advice on Fertility Specialist

Hello! I am in need of some husband and I have been trying to conceive for one and a half years w/two m/c. I have learned I have PCOS and a very mild blood clotting disorder that has been affecting the ability to go full term w/the p/g's. I have been taking clomid and will be taking my last cycle next month. My doctor said we could choose to do an IUI (which isn't covered by our ins) so I don't think we will be doing that. My OB said if the clomid dosnt work then she will be referring me out to a fertility specialist. My...

General Practitioner (GP) or Family Doctor

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General Practioner Vs. Pediatrician

Currently, I have my daughter going to a General practioner. I have no real complaints with her medical care as she is healthy. However, I wonder if there are any benefits of going to a pediatrician that I am missing by taking her to a GP. She was breastfed for the first year of her life, she's a pretty healthy eater but she is not on any vitamins. Should she be?


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Seeking an OB GYN

I am looking for an OB GYN. I live in the Beaverton area, but would consider...



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Tampa Oncologist - Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

I am a 39 year old mother of two (6 & 3yrs) and I was just diagnosed with breast cancer. After the initial shock, I am left looking for a good oncologist. Dr. George on Habana in Tampa was recommended, but I don't know much about him. Does anyone have any experience with Tampa oncologists?

Optometrist & Ophthalmologist

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Need a Good Eye Doctor for Myself

Looking for a good eye doctor (opthamologist)for myself, preferrably associated with Edwards, but ok as well if not. Thanks!


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PED Or Family Doctor?

Hi our kids are 11yrs,7yrs,and 5yrs. We have belonged to the same to the PED for 11yrs. For the most part we have satisfied. Now that our kids are getting older we spend less time visiting dr office. It would more convenient if my kids were at the same family practice as myself and my husband. I find it very appealing. What do you Think?


Ped or Not?

We traveled to NYC last weekend, and I think my son (almost 5) picked up a...


Doctor or Not?

So we are not ones to run to the doctor with every cough and sneeze. In...


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Difference Between Orthopedist and Podiatrist?

My daughter has an overlapping second toe that is causing her discomfort. The pediatrician finally sent us to see a podiatrist. We have seen two podiatrist so far and with little luck. The first one put her in a boot to relieve her from pain and wanted to check her hips if the problem persist. As to why I have no clue. The x-rays came back with no breaks, fractures, tumors, or cyst. And normal bone growth. And the second one said to give her tylenol. There was nothing else they could do for her. I do not want to drug my child. And I can not...

Surgeon or Specialist

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Orthopedic Surgeon near Frisco Area!

I'm really nervous when it comes to surgeons because I like to know they do great jobs. I'm seeking a Foot surgeon in frisco area for myself. I am having some cosmetic issues with my toes & would like to talk to a surgeon about. If I can get some personal reviews that would be great!