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Updated on August 01, 2013
J.B. asks from Garfield, WA
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hello moms. I have made the choice to no longer continue my marriage. there are so many things wrong with it and due to him not wanting to help fix it I no longer have the will to fix it. anyways this is effecting my 6 year old really bad. she thinks he is going to move back to California which I don't think he is. I think she needs someone to talk to who isn't family. so today i went and made an appointment with her dr to talk about getting a referral to a pediatric psychologist.

i feel like this is a good move and will want to keep her with it throughout the whole process and even after since this is a big adjustment.

what do you moms and dads think?

also how did my divorced moms and dads deal with a spouse who doesn't think its over.

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answers from Honolulu on

GOOD for you, J..

You are doing the right thing, by getting her a Pediatric Psychologist.

I know a woman that was going through a divorce. She was a Counselor herself. But she got her 2 kids, (who were toddlers at the time), a Therapist to help them through it and to help them, cope. In a well balanced proper way.
She said it was the BEST thing, she did for them.
And it was objective help for her kids, because as a Mom, she was also very stressed with everything else. And she wanted a professional, to help her children. They are now older, and did not suffer because they had professional help. They were attending it for about 2 years.
So know that is it not just a couple of weeks type of thing.
And she and her 2 daughters, are close still and they had her help and her looking out for them. Versus her Ex, which was a jerk.

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answers from Portland on

I think you took a great step for your daughter, J.. Good for you for realizing that she might need someone who is just there for her feelings.

As to the spouse who doesn't think it's over... my ex didn't really, I don't think, until I had him served with papers. Sometimes, it really does take a brick.

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answers from Chicago on

My BFF is a pediatric psychologist. It's a good idea, just to have someone else talk her through it, and give her some coping strategies.

They'll be able to talk her through how to sort out her emotions, as well as how to understand what she's feeling, and make the separation between her feelings, and how you/DH feel about her.

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answers from Seattle on

Good for you mom. You cannot even begin to imagine how this will help your daughter new, and in the long run. Many parents don't realize that the children need support like this and it's great that you are mature enough to recognize that.

You probably know this, but your wonderful daughter ma need more counseling down the line, especially during the teen years. I think you are savvy enough to know that.

Just continue to support her and all will be good. Remember, you ARE a good momma!

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answers from Chicago on

As a child of divorce, my mom took me to a Hypnotherapist and it was the BEST thing she could have done for me



answers from San Francisco on

Counseling is a great idea. My daughter started going at about 4.
She now has a very clear sense that she CAN talk to somebody when she has stuff going on. Most kids do not tell their parents everything, or express their true feelings all the time. It is good for them to have a place to go where they can say what they think and feel with no consequence.



answers from Seattle on

also, remember it will really make a difference to your daughter how you act, what you say about your (soon to be ex) spouse and how you handle the whole situation. Remember that she is half you and half anything you say against him, will hurt the part of her soul that is him. My Mom constantly complains about my Dad and it really hurts my feelings.... I understand the complications of her relationship with him and can process what she is going through, but I am 40 years old. Even though I can deal with it, it still hurts me when she says mean things about my Dad (cause he is my Dad and I like him despite him not being the best husband to my Mom!) Talking to a psychologist is a wonderful idea - along with you talking to her, and making sure she feels loved and safe. It will be a while before she can fully comprehend what you are going through, maybe not even until she grows up really.


answers from St. Louis on

Most know it is over, they just don't want it to be because from their end it is easier that way.

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