Ped, Derm or Podiatrist to Remove My 10 Yo's Plantar Warts?

Updated on April 17, 2012
M.P. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
7 answers

I am not sure the best doctor (pediatrician, dermatologist of podiatrist) to take my son to remove what I think are plantar warts. He has probably 10 of them between his big toe and the next-seems like it will not be a pleasant procedure to remove them. Any advice?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'd get them looked at by a podiatrist. (To identify)
My son had O. on the bottom of his foot.
The podiatrist wanted to put him in twilight anesthesia & remove surgically.
He told us nothing else would work. He was sure.
I wasn't too crazy about the idea of putting him under & I pressed him for an alternative. He said we could "try" the plaster patches from the drugstore but he was 100% sure we'd be back.
I've never seen him again and the wart has been gone for about 2 years now.
$1.59 and some diligence. Problem solved for us.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My 11yr old daughter recently had something like those removed. I took her to a podiatrist and he basically shaved them off. It didn't hurt her in the beginning and when it did start to hurt (getting down to the fresh skin), he injected a bit of anesthetic, waited a bit and continued. She's my wimpy child, but didn't complain one bit, so it really must not have hurt at all. I don't remember if what she had were plantar's warts, but they were certainly similar to what you've described. I'd go directly to the podiatrist - they see those things on a daily basis and have lots of practice in removing them.

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answers from San Francisco on

I had one removed a few years ago. It was done by my regular doctor.
Start with your pediatrician, s/he may be able to do it, and if not will refer you to a specialist, probably a podiatrist (I imagine your insurance will require a referral before you see a specialist anyway.)


answers from Dothan on

My now 17 yr old had a big one/in the arch of his foot at age 11, his ped sent us to a podiatrist for the removal, she deadened the area, removed the majority of the wart & then gave us medicine to take home to use, a second removal & meds & IF it had not gone away it would have taken a third treatment, she said that the young patients needed to go & play in between rather than staying off their feet was her reasoning for doing the procedure in steps.

Hope he is better soon!



answers from Indianapolis on

We tried all the OTC stuff for my daughter (9). She had them all over her hands. After the OTC stuff didn't work, we went to the pediatrician, who used what she had in the office. When that didn't work, we went to the dermatologist and had them frozen off. So, $150 laters (OTC, co-pay at ped and then co-pay at derm) they are gone! Good Luck! Those things are no fun!


answers from Jacksonville on

Hmmm...well my husband used the old wives tale of putting duct tape on them I think for a week, and it worked for him. I was completely laughing at him for it, bit it worked. Crazy. I think that method is pretty hit and miss though.



answers from Philadelphia on

I would suggest either the dermatologist or podiatrist. I had a bad experience with plantars warts in my senior year of high school. I opted for the 'easy' method of having the liquid gel painted on which forms a blister that you pop after a few days. Well, that blister turned into the size of a golf ball and in the end I still had to have the surgical removal. I spent about a month with a boot on my foot (prom and graduation, ha ha). I would definitely opt for having them frozen and shaven off rather than the 'blister' method.

If they turn out to be regular warts, I would also recommend the shaving off (the needle or freezing is more painful than the shaving), rather than any method where the doctor claims it will fall off after a few days. They rarely do...

Good luck!

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