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Updated on March 18, 2010
B.A. asks from Spring, TX
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Okay, quick question. Would like to know if anyone has experienced something similar. I have a 3 1/2 yr old and a 16 month old. My 3 yr old has had a small cavity and we had that filled. The dentist told me that some kids are just born with it and have the genetics that can lead to cavities. I am extremely careful with their teeth. My 16 month olds molars just came out and it came out with a cavity! The dentist told me that was possible if it is from genetics. I feel horrible about this. I am a tyrant with their teeth and still they have problems! I hate that this is something that they are just going to have to deal with for the rest of their lives.

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So What Happened?

thanks guys for the responses! and, speedy too!
i do know that my 3 yr old was a cavity. i haven't brought my 16 month old to the dentist yet, i just noticed it tonight b/c he has been getting his molars in. I have had cavities and problems with my teeth my entire life, same thing with my husband. i absolutly hate the dentist...despise the dentist. but, the dentist i have now makes me feel so comfortable and she is awesome with the kids. i trust her and she does not do anything she doesn't deem necessary. i try not to beat myself up b/c i know what i do and know that i am doing everything possible that i can on my end to ensure their teeth are takin care of. but, it's just hard to know that they are going to have the same problems i had

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I do agree, its genectics. I am 35 and have never had a cavity. I have never needed any dentist work done other than a cleaning. My son 10 years old no cavities either. My husband has had cavities and my step daughter has had lots of cavities.My son and I have great teeth but husband and step daughter not so much. My mom had lots of dental problems her whole life too, but not my dad he had good teeth. Genetics definitly. Hope this helps.

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answers from Phoenix on

Are you sure they are cavities? My children had dark spots on their baby teeth that weren't cavities. I had one dentist wanting to fill seven cavities but when he wouldn't use white fillings, we went to another dentist who said he had no cavities... They didn't have these spots on their permenant teeth...

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I brush, floss and listerine my teeth twice a day and I spend an hour in the dentist chair for a cleaning. I have a goldmine in my mouth with all of the money I have spent on the dental issues that I have.

The husband brushes every day, floss every other day (or whenever he remembers) and he's out of the chair in 20 minutes. So unfair.

Yep, it's genetics, so don't beat yourself up, but do continue to be a tyrant! Keep the choppers as clean as you can because the baby teeth can cause problems with the permanent ones. My daughter has been in the chair more often than I'd like, but her brother has never had a cavity.

One thought- does Spring have fluroide (sp?) in the water? I read somewhere about kids getting more cavities because they were drinking more bottled water since tap water was getting such a bad rap. Just wondering if there was a connection...

Stay vigilent! Good luck!

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answers from San Antonio on

do your kids have acid reflux? my girlfriends daughter had six cavaties and they finally diagnosed her correctly with acid reflux.

Good luck,



answers from Austin on

The same exact thing happened with my older son when he was about three. I felt so bad! It is genetics, there isn't anything you can do but teach and model good oral health. Make sure you remember the floss!



answers from Honolulu on

Cavities, from my understanding, results from a certain bacteria in the mouth, which is inherent in their mouth. Each person, has or does not have this bacteria. But so it is important that people not share mouth things... so the bacteria does not transfer.

So, some people are more prone to cavities. And, also the acids/sugars in a mouth after eating, can create cavities. So different sources of cavities.

I use, "Spiffies" tooth gel and tooth wipes... which has Xylitol in it, which prevents cavities.
It is for kids/toddlers/babies, and I use it myself. I have tried other brands of xylitol based teeth products, but find the Spiffies the best.
I really recommend it.

There is also "teeth and gums formula" which is a spray, by "King Bio" which I get from Amazon. Which helps to prevent cavities as well.. .and other teeth/mouth issues.

All the best,



answers from San Antonio on

Get a second opinion. Some dentists are drill happy. I went to one dentist and he said I have a cavity and we need to fill it and I went for a second opinion and the other dentist said it was just beginning and he wouldn't touch it yet. Always get a second opinion.



answers from Hartford on

I have heard that it can be genetics, so dont beat yourself up. another thing that is a big cause of cavities is drinking things other than water at night. after you brush the teeth for the last time before bed you should be sure they only drink water that way the other liquid, mostly milk as kids drink that a lot of course, does not sit on their teeth. also try to have them brush anytime they eat ....but I assume you know this already. I think you can talk to your dentist about painting floride on their teeth, but I really dont know if that helps, I just heard about it before sorry.



answers from Corpus Christi on

If they have milk at night before bed they also need to brush their teeth. Never let them go to bed with a bottle of milk, milk turns to sugar in the system and this will cause them to have problems with their teeth. Yes it is possible to have weak enamel on the teeth. Just keep going.



answers from Tulsa on

It is nothing you can do anything about. Their enamel is just the way it is. Your pediatric dentist has some options that regular dentists usually don't know anything about so trust them. They are experts in baby teeth and issues that can effect those teeth and the permanant ones coming in. I don't take any of my kids to anyone except a pediatric dentist. They are specialist, the experts after all.



answers from Chicago on

I had the same issue. One dentist told me that it could be genetic to have many cavities. It has to do with the way your saliva works to clean your teeth. Also as they get in their molars, they could be spaced rtoo close together. To try to combat this for my kids--I do not want them to have the same problem--I have them use a flouride rinse. If your 3 yr old is good at spitting, you might be able to teach to use a rinse like ACT or Plax. I used the Walmart brand when my kids were younger. Listerine now makes one with added flouride but your little one might be too young for the taste. We did not have any rinse for about a year because a dentist told me that using the rinse could cause cavities (it has since been debunked and I figure that dentist was just kook due to other things) and my son got a cavity. We are back to using the rinses. My kids do not drink soda unless a special occasion, do not eat a ton of candy either.


answers from Chicago on

My daughters' 2 children had the same problem. They actually had to remove my grandaughters top teeth 4 of them because of the black that came into her teeth. She was only 2 at the time. Same as my grandson but not to that extreme. Their second teeth are fine now. Yes they have had a couple of cavities even though my daughter makes them brush all the time. I have to say somewhere along the line its genetic only because I myself being the grandmother started seeing the dentist at the age of 2, my teeth turning color. My daughter as well had a cavity at 3 inbetween her 2 front teeth. I took her to my dentist and he told me he would put a screen on it only because he said putting a filling in could cause damage to her second teeth. She had to have the screen put on twice because first teeth are high in enamel and these screens tend to fall off. I do believe what he says because now my grandaughters' front teeth have just had to be repaired and she had to have 2 root canals done. My daughter her 2 front teeth are fine since the dentist put a screen on. No decay in her second teeth. Ask your dentist about this as my daughter is now 32. I am a strong believer in not filling baby teeth and do believe it will cause damage to the second teeth. I just hope now that the 3rd child (grandaughter) doesnt' have the same problem. Good luck and be sure to ask about the screen.

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