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Oral Surgeon

A.L. asks from Phoenix

My boyfriend lost his job a month ago and his wisdom teeth are coming in and are hurting him badly. I need to find an oral surgeon that will do surgeries for free. H...


Oral Surgeon

M.J. asks from Dallas

Could someone recommend a good oral surgeon. I had implants got infected with tooth extraction dry socket and now cracked tooth near extraction. I am afraid to go...


Oral Surgeon

J.C. asks from Dallas

I need to have my wisdom teeth pulled. Can anyone recommend a good oral surgeon? I have a few doctors on my dental plan including Stephen Hill, Donald Nix, and Edward...


Looking for OB/GYN and Oral Surgeon in Allen/Plano/Richardson Area

J.M. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a new OB/GYN in the Allen/Plano/Richardson area. I would prefer a female doctor. I also need to get my wisdom teeth out (ugh) and need to find a go...


Need a Dentist & Oral Surgeon

N.L. asks from Tampa

My husband and I are looking for a great dental office and/or oral surgeons office (I know I need my wisdom teeth out) Any recommendations in the one of the followin...


Dentist/ Oral Surgeon in Midlothian

C.B. asks from Dallas

Hi, I broke my wisdom tooth this weekend and now I think it's infected. I need to get it pulled, but we moved here not too long ago and I don't know who to go to fo...


Oral Surgeons

M.A. asks from Chicago

Hi. I am looking for a good oral surgeon in the Downers Grove area. I have had such bad luck with dentists I would really love to get any recommendations you may have...


Oral Surgeon Suggestions near Coppell

K.M. asks from Dallas

My oldest son needs his wisdom teeth out. Does anyone have any suggestions for oral surgeons in the Coppell area?


Can Anyone Recommend a Good Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

L.W. asks from Dallas

I need all 4 wisdom teeth removed and I am SCARED TO DEATH because I have never been put under with anesthesia in my life. My Dentist recommended Peter Holland or Dr...


Advice on Oral Surgeons

K.E. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have a good recommendation for an oral surgeon for a pre teen that will offer a payment plan? We have had one consultation with an oral surgeon however h...