My 7-Year-old Has No Teeth!

Updated on April 10, 2009
A.C. asks from Winchester, MA
6 answers

My son lost his two front teeth and two bottom teeth back around late November 2008. He turned 7 in January 2009 and started to get his permanent bottom teeth in but there is still no sign of the top teeth coming in. Is this normal? Can it take more than 5 months for the permanent teeth to come in?

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answers from Boston on

My 7 year old lost a lot of teeth at once (he might have been 6 at the time), and one of his front teeth took a long time to grow in (and in fact it is still growing it), I would say at least 5 months (I was just going to talk to a dentist about it and then it started to grow in!).

One thing I noticed is that this tooth started to come in at the same time the one next to it fell out. So, it seems that teeth grow in spurts.

I am not sure what is the normal time frame,,,,I don't think it took this long for my other child's teeth to grow in!



answers from Bangor on

hi. Yes, it's normal. My almost nine year old took forever to get those 2 front teeth in (completely down and where they belong). And the teeth on either side of those 2 are taking as long or even longer! So hang in there.
W. Huff



answers from Hartford on

My daughter turns 7 tomorrow and it seemed that she had no front teeth for the longest time. One top one is almost completely in now though while the other one is just beginning to come in. I think it's fine. It sounds like he lost a bunch of teeth at once. I don't think it will be long before those teeth come popping through. But if you're really concerned about it you can have a dentist check. They might be able to tell just by looking if they are going to be breaking through soon or could do xrays to maybe give you an idea of how much longer.



answers from Burlington on

Hi A., what does his dentist say? I would have him recommend taking x-rays to see if they're up there or not. You may have to take him to the orthodontist. But, just ask his dentist. I'd think they should be coming in by now at his age.
Good luck,



answers from Springfield on

Hi A.. My 7 yr old lost his two top front teeth in July/August and they didn't grow in until just before Christmas so it was about 5 months before they started poking through.



answers from Boston on

Hi A.,
One of my nine-year-old son's front teeth took forever to come in too. I don't know how many months but it was a few months at least. Just when I was beginning to wonder if it was going to come in at all I asked him if he could feel it poking through and he said yes. It still took a while once he felt it poking through but it eventually came down. Ask your son if he feels anything, you never know he might feel something that you don't see. If not, take him to the dentist. Good luck!

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