2 Yr. Old Chipped Front Tooth

Updated on May 27, 2009
M.P. asks from Willis, TX
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I noticed yesterday that my almost 28 month old has some how chipped his front tooth. It is his front left tooth and the corner is gone (not just the tip). He seems to be okay and it does not bother him. He was eating with his front teeth with no problems yesterday.

I planned to take him for his first dental visit early in the summer. Has anyone experienced this? What did the dentist do? Please share your experiences!


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answers from Waco on

Hi M.
I would not worry too much about at this age. His teeth are not fully grown yet- and as long as it did not hit a nerve he should be ok.
There are a couple of things you might do- and most likely the dentist will "recommend" this- is to put a cap on the tooth- the issue with this is as his teeth continue to grow the cap will have to be replaced over and over- this can be expensive- so when my children broke off their teeth (two of them) we just waited until they were older to put the caps on- that way you can do a permenant cap that should not need replacment over and over.
The exception to this would be if the chip is really bad and becomes an issue with his eating or if it is cosmetically just really ugly- otherwise, I would wait until his teeth are fully grown.
good luck and blessings

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answers from Houston on

My daughter chipped her front tooth - the bottom part - when she was 4. We just lost that tooth earlier this year.

It didn't cause her any problems and they was no reason to pull it.

If it's not causing your little one any problems I wouldn't worry about it.



answers from Austin on

I had the same problem with one of my teeth, small chip on the corner of the tooth and no idea how it got there. . .

This is not common, but some dentist will do it, especially if it is on such a young tooth that will eventually come out anyway. . . ask your dentist to use cavity filler (epoxy stuff) and "sculpt it" to the tooth . . he shouldn't charge you more than to cavity fill, but be aware that many dentists won't do it, they will want to do a crown. For such a young/temporary tooth, I wouldn't want to pay that much, but ask and then it would be your choice.



answers from Houston on

My daughter was 2 when she chipped a front tooth. The dentist filed the rough edges to make it smooth. He told me to bring her back if there was any discoloration, which there wasn't. She had taken such a hard fall (with a sippy cup in her mouth) that I was afraid her permanent teeth would be affected. She has perfectly straight beautiful teeth now at age 21.



answers from Houston on

Hi, this happened to us and like the other posters I thought it was a chipped tooth and we rushed to the dentist. I was afraid it was due to a fall. My daughter had several uneven teeth in the front and I couldn't figure out when she might have falled. It turned out that she was grinding her teeth (a habit she has grown out of, thankfully).

Good luck!



answers from Houston on

My son is older than yours, but when he was 7 he chipped his front tooth too. His was the adult tooth already. The dentist said that it is fine because it did not crack up into the dentin. He put a white 'filling' in the place of the chip. The very next day, while he was just talking, the 'filling' fell off. I took him back and the dentist informed me that it will be very hard to keep on in place because of where the chip is and that the filling is only for cosmetic purposes anyway. So, we are just not going to worry about it. If he wants it fixed later in life we will do it, but right now he is too active to keep spending the money!
Your son's tooth is still a baby tooth, so it may not be a problem if he is eating good. I don't know any pediatric dentists, sorry. Ours wont take them until they are 4 yrs old.



answers from Killeen on

I thought my oldest cracked her tooth at this age and rushed her into the dentist...

All he/she will do for a baby tooth is make sure there aren't any sharp edges your son can hurt himself on...make sure the tooth is not loose and that the root was not harmed/destroyed...other than that these are his baby teeth and are going to fall out any ways...so they are less likely to do anything about it...

Good Luck... ;-)



answers from Austin on

My son did the same thing at preschool in France. We have no idea how it happened. The dentist said it was fine, and of course as it was a baby tooth, it fell out in due time and was replaced with an unchipped permanent tooth. I think it all depends on how far down into the tooth he went. We have cute pictures of him looking slightly raffish with his chipped tooth.



answers from San Antonio on

My son chipped his front tooth when he was 2. The dentist said it was not a problem and since it was a baby tooth, it was only cosmetic and did not recommend we do anything. He is now 5 and the tooth has never given him any trouble. You should have it looked at, though, because his chip could be more serious than ours.



answers from Houston on

My daughter chipped a tooth at the same age. The pediatric dentist said not to worry as long as it didn't become loose or discolored (which can be signs of infection).



answers from College Station on

He should be fine. Just watch the tooth to make sure it does not turn black (dead).



answers from Houston on

I used to work for a dentist. As long as it isn't loose, there isn't much the dentist will do. If it is sharp the dentist can buff it so that it is not uncomfortable, but since it is a baby tooth there really isn't much to worry about. If it does have a sharp edge you may want to bring him to the pediatric dentist for a look, otherwise it can probably wait until you summer appointment.

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