6 Yr Old Needs 7 Teeth Extracted, Oral Surgeon with General Anesthesia or Local?

Updated on December 28, 2010
H.L. asks from Streamwood, IL
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My son needs 7 baby teeth extracted and I have read various opinions/experiences on the internet of people and their children having this type of procedure under local vs. general anesthesia. But no one has indicated that they had that many teeth extracted, usually it's 2 or 4. I wanted to try to do it all at once because I can't imagine that if we did 2 or 3 at a time and my son had a less than great experience the first time, the anxiety going back to do it again could be just more than he could (or should) bear.

What do you think? What's been your experiences? I really like the pediodontist we went to and the subsequent orthodontist he recommended who was the one that recommended that many teeth needed to be pulled.

UPDATE: The Orthodontist recommended this many teeth be pulled for a couple of reasons; the 2 back teeth because they are keeping the 6 yr molars from fully descending. He said if this continues they could become impacted which would be an even worse scenario and he could end up losing those permanent teeth. The others are so that there is room for the permanent teeth to come in. The orthodontist isn't even the one that is doing the extractions so he made no money at all looking at my son and giving his expert opinion. He is VERY reputable and not in cohoots with the dentist, I'm sure. And the dentist WAS the 2nd opinion, he didn't recommend all those teeth be pulled either but sent me to the ortho. The original dentist had recommended the 2 baby molars be pulled for sure and 'maybe' some others. So now all 3 of these dental professionals have made similar recommendations. I will ask more questions for sure before I have that many teeth pulled, but not entirely sure why there would be negative ramifications to having baby teeth pulled as they all fall out eventually anyway, right? I am not for doing anything unnecessary with my boy, so keep those cards and letters coming so I am fully armed with infomration when I go back to the pedodontist.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your feedback. My son's tooth extraction was successful and he recovered VERY quickly. He had REALLY bad breath for about a week before going back for our follow up visit to have the stitches removed and I thought he had an infection, but I think it was just the stitches and the fact that was was a little tentative about brushing in the 'holes'. He is already getting some additional teeth in and is not finding it hard to chew.

I'm glad it all worked out and I guess we'll see in the next year or so when we return to the orthodontist to see if it's what was necessary... Only time can really tell in this situation.

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answers from Washington DC on

My son has had to have 2 teeth pulled because the adult teeth came in at an angle and didn't push the baby teeth out quite right. One was just yesterday!

I would have them do a local and pull 2 at a time, perhaps all of the ones on the right, then the ones in the front, then the ones on the left.


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answers from Honolulu on

I don't know the reason for your son's procedure.

But I just want to share: when I was a child, I got braces. I had 7 teeth pulled. By the Orthodontist. Years later, I still have certain problems with my bite and mouth formation etc. My present Dentist said, that TOO MANY TEETH were pulled....and it was not necessary. So NOW, my mouth formed incorrectly... its not a cosmetic outward problem... but something I know is not right. Now, there is not enough room in my mouth for my tongue... and my jaw was pulled back too much. Sure I may look fine to anyone else and they say I have nice straight teeth... but I know, NOW... that it WAS TOO MANY teeth pulled.

I believe, that at this young of an age, and when there is STILL baby teeth... pulling them out can permanently ALTER the natural mouth formation and growth of the mouth and jaw. Negatively. If this is not an essential procedure... I would get a 2nd opinion or not do it.
Just my opinion...
If the Orthodontist says what I say is false... tell him he is just trying to make money. HE is wrong. I live it. I know it.

Nowadays, there is a movement about "braces" and YOUNG children, like your son... is "having to" get teeth pulled out, while there are still baby teeth and they didn't even fall out naturally yet... ALL in the name of "braces" and having to start now...
I do not believe in that dribble. It a money maker.

I... come to find out, did NOT need braces. It screwed up my mouth.

All the best,



answers from St. Louis on

Hello H.,

First, I would get a second opinion. Even if you like the orthodontist that does not mean that having 7 teeth pulled is the ONLY option. Six years old seems VERY young to be "pulling" teeth. Perhaps there is a more immediate medical problem that I do not know about, but I would highly recommend getting a second opinion. We also had a child referred to an othordontist at a young age (7 years) and she suggested all kinds of things that needed "urgent" attention. We liked her as well, but felt what she was proposing was way over the top. Two years later, we are glad we decided to do nothing and take the "wait and see approach" that was also offered. Our son's teeth have realigned themselves and he is doing just fine. I look back on that visit and wonder if the whole process was just a scare tactic aimed at us. The goal being to line the pockets of both the orthodontist and the pediodontist with our money. Again, get a second opinion. I had 6 teeth pulled at a young age and it is painful. If your son can avoid it, then he should be allowed to.



answers from Des Moines on

This actually happened to me when I was younger. My baby teeth just wouldn't come out on their own and I had to have about 8 teeth pulled because of it. They just numbed me up really good and pulled them out. It did hurt a little, but wasn't too bad. We didn't do them all at one time...I wish they would have though! Less pain!!! Just do what you think is right for your son! Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

i think maybe if those teeth are severely decayed or something, but why have his teeth pulled? Is there are real good reason, because i would not have this done, my husband when he was small they pulled a tooth out just one and now he has a very severe deformation on his face large. He said it happened when he was young and it all happened after that tooth was extracted. So be careful, I notice that dentist now love to extract teeth when they don't need too. try to get a different dentist. I would use anthesthia for any dental work if he has a lot of anxiety.

I recommend Dr. Rubin in Frisco he is great!!!

good luck and if there is no reason for them to come out don't do it, if you can can't you waite until he is like 14 or 15 if it is for braces?

good luck again

i agree with Susan, she is living proof, I also believe Dentist want to make money with the young children, just my opinion



answers from Boston on

Let them knock him out. He could not sit still long enough for 7 teeth to get pulled. They can give him a gas mask and he will gently drift off. My 12 year old went under last week to have a single tooth pulled. He was given the mask and was out in 4 deep breaths, a six year old would be easy.



answers from Philadelphia on

Did they give you a reason why he has to have so many teeth pulled? My daughter had to have one pulled at that age... it was abnormally deeped grooved and causing a hole. I have never heard of a child having so many pulled. I have to ask (like the other mother) if there is medical issues that causes this? If this is truly needed... i agree that he needs to be put asleep. Yikes! I am so sorry that he has to go through this. I wish him the best of luck.


answers from Dallas on

Uh, well, my kids have never had to have ANY kind of dental treatment, but my oldest takes about 8 nurses to hold her down for a shot. I myself, have have 4 teeth extracted, all under g/a and wouldn't have it any other way! Scary!



answers from Sacramento on

Hi, H...

My son has gone thru something very similar. At age 10 a dentist examined him and proclaimed my son's teeth were a disaster and even removing several teeth might also need jaw surgery! What a crock! Needless to say, I got several other opinions. And you do have to be careful when getting those opinions from dental professionals that 'seem' not to be in 'cahoots' with each other. What we don't know about their dental groups, group co-oped owned and civic and municipal connects would cause us alarm. So it's not safe anymore for we consumers/patients to assume they're not connected in some manner.

On the other hand, some dental professionals will refer their patients to others that have very glowing reports and stats. Follow your 'Mom' instincts is always the best bet.

Once we connected with an orthodontist we trusted, he suggested letting some of my son's baby teeth naturally fall out. Sure this took a year or more for some, but it was well worth it to let his mouth continue to grow and form naturally. The doctor had also said the baby teeth were long in coming out because other than some very very crooked teeth and extended upper jaw, his teeth were very healthy and were happy being there.

When some did obviously need pulling, our doctor never pulled more than 2 at a time. He did this to let the other teeth naturally fall in line or to see how the adult teeth would come in.

After only 4 months with upper braces my son no longer has a massive upper bite that used to hit on his bottom teeth. Also we learned that severally crooked teeth like my son's, it can cause migrain type headaches that led to vomiting.

My son loves his bite now, getting the upper braces alone for now seem to have done the trick. It's been from August to January and no more headaches, no more vomiting and he's so glad we let him make some of those very important decisions with us.

Another thing we found out thru this time was that some middle school and maybe younger, plus high school children 'insist' that their parents get them braces! For alot of kids it's a 'status' symbol to show they are weathly enough to affort them! I know.. I had to shake my head a few times about that too! hehe..

So, H.... I followed my 'Mom' instincts and got several opinions outside of the dental group we were in and believe I made the best decisions for my son and us. Omgosh! Now he wants to drive and date!! Ughhhhhhh....

Blessings, Love and Peace to you and your family, H...



answers from Corvallis on

I haven't had that many teeth pulled at once but I would recommend asking the doctor to put him under for it, not just numbing the area as the needles are pretty long and is usually the most painful part of dental work. I don't know if you've ever had a tooth pulled but it can be a very stressful experience, I would think even more so for a 6 year old. I haven't done any research on it but if it were my child, that's what I'd do.

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