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M.D. asks from Atlanta

does oragel work for teething infants? what suggestions do you have for me and my 6 month old. he was able to start motrin--which seemed to help--but wondered if ther...


Soothing Gums for Teething Baby

F.R. asks from Milwaukee

Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice on what to use on my daughter's gums to ease the teething pain. I am using pacifiers and teething rings; but I am looking ...



R.P. asks from Chicago

Hi out there! I was wondering if anyone has any creative ideas on how to deal with teething. We have tried baby oragel, Hylands, and teething rings (none of which has...



L.M. asks from San Francisco

Hello ladies I have a little girl she is 6 months old now. she already has two little teeth. I think two more starting to come in... I mention this to someone today...


My Four Month Old Is Teething!

N.L. asks from Minneapolis

Any good advice? He crys incessantly about every other night from pain. I have tried frozen washcloths, Tylenol, vibrating chew toys and freezer teethers. I (perso...


Teething at 2 and a Half Months!!!

A.M. asks from Sacramento

My daughter is getting a tooth already and it's not her front ones! It's in the left hand side. Not all the way back, but it's very painful for her!!! Any ideas on wh...


Is My Baby Teething?

S.D. asks from Los Angeles

My poor baby is super cranky bitting his hand and shoving my hand in his mouth. He is only 4 months though and i dont see any teeth. Is there anything a could do to e...


Teething 11 Week Old

L.H. asks from Los Angeles

My 11 week daughter started teething a couple of weeks ago. I've given her "Little Teethers" homeopathic tablets and my mom suggested Oragel, which I'm going to start...


Teething Problems

L.C. asks from Tampa

My 13 month old is having problems with teething. For the last 4 nights she has been upt every 1-2 hours. she is not hungry just screams. i have used tylenol, motrin ...


3 Mo Old Teething - Help!

A.M. asks from Grand Forks

My 3 mo old seems to be teething. He is fussy and chews on everything. His blankie, his fists, etc. But will not chew on a teether, i have tried even putting it in...