Can Anyone Recommend a Good Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Updated on February 14, 2008
L.W. asks from Denton, TX
5 answers

I need all 4 wisdom teeth removed and I am SCARED TO DEATH because I have never been put under with anesthesia in my life. My Dentist recommended Peter Holland or Dr. Reed at Denton Oral and Maxillofacial surgery associates. Has anyone had any experience with any of these Doctors? Anyone have any recommendations for an excellent surgeon and who to stay away from? Thanks. I am in the Denton area.

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I went to Dr. Richard Martin in Lewisville on Main St. I am terrified of needles and surgery, but he made it a wonderful experience (at least as wonderful as it could be).

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I had all 4 of mine removed by my regular dentist. Not sure if you are willing or able to go that route, but he was awesome. He numbed it and used the nitrous on me and it really wasn't too bad. The recovery was much quicker and less painful than I expected too. Anyway, he is located in Carrollton on Keller Springs just off Josey. The office staff is great aw well. Dr. Kolbensvik ###-###-####



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I am a surgical assistant and I work for an oral surgeon In Frisco. His name Is Dr Kirk scott. He is board certified. He's dual degree, he's an MD and a DDS. his number is ###-###-####. He's an awesome surgeon and we take great care of our patients. Hope this helps



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We have used Dr. Richard Martin in Lewisville - a straight 20 minute shot down south on I-35 if you live in Southern Denton. My younger son (aged 10 at the time) had two separate surgeries and they went extremely well. We have my older son scheduled to have his wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Martin in a couple weeks and I have zero concerns about the procedure. We did not go with the oral surgeon recommended by my son's dentist (Angevine). Instead, I asked my dentist, who I have alot of trust in, who he would recommend. The dentist field can be pretty buddy-buddy. I would not worry too much about the anesthesia. Here's some other recommendations for Dr. Martin on this webpage:

I do not recommend Terry Angevine listed on that same webpage. He removed my husbands wisdom teeth and he had ALOT of pain afterwards and jaw issues.



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I have used Dr. George Nail in Carrollton for two of my daughters to have 1 tooth pulled each. Dr. Nail explains the procedure in detail and he was recommended by both our family dentist and my daughter's orthodontist. He follows up that night to make sure that everything is okay. He's been voted one of the best oral surgeons in the Dallas area by I believe D Magazine. Here is his website:

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