Bottom Teeth

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Tongue Tied and Bottom Teeth

H.H. asks from Oklahoma City

My 6mth old had his tonge clipped at 3 months. He was tongue tied from tip of tongue to where his bottom teeth would come in. It was pretty thin, so the ENT just cl...


Upper Teeth Came Earlier than Bottom Teeth....

A.T. asks from San Francisco

Hello, my 8-month-old son has been teething for a while. Past 5 days, he has been especially fussy. I have been checking his mouth by touching his gum by my finger....


Owie Bottom

R.P. asks from Salt Lake City

My 4 year old daughter says her bottom hurts, sometimes more than others. I think its constipation because once she said her hard poop makes her bottom hurt but she ...


Burning Her Bottom!!!

T.D. asks from Canton

My one year old has had really bad diapers lately. It seems like once or twice a day she explodes a diaper, which I change immediately, but where ever the bm touches ...


Calcium Build up on My Son's Bottom Teeth

T.F. asks from Spartanburg

My little guy(20m) has some calcium build up on his bottom front teeth. I feel so bad, but I promise I brush my child's teeth!!!!!! I know the only way to remove it i...


I Need Help!! Tarter on My Daughter's Bottom Teeth

R.J. asks from Tampa

My daughter is almost 17 months old. We brush her teeth twice a day and she doesn't fall asleep with the bottle and only gets diluted juice once in a while. I have st...



M.B. asks from Nashville

i have a question about my daughters teeth..she will be a year old on sept 27th and already has 4 teeth well my question is i always heard that the bottom 2 teeth com...



T.S. asks from Kansas City

My seven month old has now cut two teeth... the front two bottom teeth. Does anyone know the next teeth to come in after that? Do they always come in a certain order?



M.S. asks from Dallas

Hello all, I have a question about my 2 year old, wanted to know if anyone else has had this happen to them or if there are any suggestions. I noticed about a month ...



C.M. asks from Provo

I have a little girl that just turned one. She has the top 4 teeth in front and 3 on the bottom. It looks like one of her canines on top is coming in behind the inc...