Losing Baby Teeth

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Daughter Upset About Loosing Teeth

A.G. asks from Salt Lake City

Help! My seven year old daughter has been a complete wreck since loosing her first tooth two weeks ago!!! She won't eat, brush her teeth, or smile, and will only tal...


Permanent Teeth Coming in Behind Baby Teeth and the Tooth Fairy

D.K. asks from Cincinnati

This morning during breakfast, I noticed that my son has a permanent tooth coming in behind his baby tooth. His baby tooth didn't appear to be loose at all. I was ...


Tooth Fairy

T.P. asks from Indianapolis

This is just for fun and a real question. My daughter has her first loose tooth and has decided she wants to keep it. I told her when it comes out the tooth fairy n...


What to Do with the Baby Teeth?

J.K. asks from Bellingham

My daughter lost her first baby tooth on Sunday. It was so exciting (and a little sad for me, she's growing up too fast). We talked about the tooth fairy and she put ...


Loose Baby Tooth

K.J. asks from Cleveland

My son has a loose baby tooth and his permanent tooth is coming in from behind it so i wondered if he pulls out his loose tooth willl he have two permanent teeth in t...


Loose Tooth

S.E. asks from Cleveland

My son who will be 6 in June was biting a cup. His tooth snapped and now it is loose. I am pretty sure that it must be his first loose tooth as in getting big teeth...


Permanent Tooth Growing in Behind Baby Tooth

M.B. asks from San Antonio

My 5 yr old has a permanent tooth coming in behind one of his front bottom baby teeth. The baby tooth is just a little loose, not at all about to fall out and the new...



M.R. asks from Chicago

Hello, I am a grandmother of 3, I have 2 grown children. My question is concerning my granddaughter who turned 1 today. Sianna does not have one tooth is this normal?...


Tooth Loss

P.F. asks from Sacramento

At what age do children normally lose their baby teeth? My son is almost six and just got a loose tooth while eating an apple. In case you are wondering, it is his bo...


Tooth Fairy...

K.B. asks from Yuma

My son just lost his first tooth and is so excited about the Tooth Fairy. My question is: How much did your Tooth Fairy leave for your kiddos' first tooth? I have ...