Taking Son to My Doctor's Appointment?

Updated on August 05, 2010
K.S. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
19 answers

Is there anything wrong with brining my 16 month old son with me to a doctor's appointment? I have an appointment with a dermatologist and would rather not drop him at the babysitters for an hour. Is this an acceptable practice?

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answers from Chicago on

I would think that it would be ok. Just bring an umbrella stroller, snacks, clip-on toys and some books to keep him happy. If you were going to a gynecologist, probably not the best to have the baby with, but a dermatolgy appt should be pretty non-invasive and easy for you to intervene/help him if needed.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I took my kids with me everywhere, other than to work with me! It never was a problem. Once my dentist, who did not have kids yet, asked if she could play with my then 2 yr old (It was her lunch break.), while the hygenist cleaned my teeth! Everyone was happy!

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answers from Dallas on

Nope - as long as the little ones can sit still and be entertained, go for it.

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answers from Boise on

I've done it plenty of times.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I have taken my son and daughter to ob appts and the dermatologist as wel as other types of doctors. I had no trouble with any o the offices. Just make sure you have stuff to keep the child playing and fed and watered. Good job.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Take him. It will be fine. If not, find another doctor. :)



answers from Harrisburg on

Heck, I have 3 kids and I take them along sometimes! I try to schedule the appts when my husband can watch them but often this isn't possible. And when I was pregnant with the twins I had to take my older son to A LOT of doctor appts and ultrasounds - he was between 13 and 19 months for most of those appts. I just took a bag of toys and handed him a new toy every time he started to fuss.



answers from Austin on

I have done it before. Just keep him in his stroller and give him a snack.



answers from Philadelphia on

I would suggest you call the doctors office first to make sure it's ok. Some don't allow you to bring children anymore. I noticed it started last year.



answers from Atlanta on

You should call the doctor's office and ask if that's okay. Most OB-GYNs and general practitioners are set up to allow small children and babies in with their moms, but I personally wouldn't take one to the dermatologist. Depending on the doctor and the practice, they may have a no "non-patient" rule -including kids.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi K.,
There is nothing wrong with bringing your kids. I bring my kids with me to all appointments. My kids are 3 3/4 yrs and 9 months. Just make sure you bring enough toys/books to keep him busy.


answers from Los Angeles on

I've done it many times. Just keep him distracted, as the other moms mentioned...



answers from Indianapolis on

I took my kids to chemo infusions when they were 3 months and 2 years old. The nurses are so used to seeing older patients, they LOVED having a baby around.

We take our kids to appointments all the time.
I see nothing wrong with it (I've worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a decade, and it's very common practice). It's only inappropriate if you're having a procedure done and don't have someone to help watch him.



answers from Boston on

I took my then 12 month old to a visit with my PCP just for sinus problems and she kept me waiting in the room for 45 minutes! My daughter got very antsy but did ok considering. I did have to change her diaper because of course she had a poop explosion so when the dr finally came in she said "phew it stinks in here!" That was just a little present for her for keeping us waiting. I could have made my husband take time off work but to me it didn't seem worth it, I say if your kid is well behaved enough just take him.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I've done it for a derm appt and a lady-doctor appt. Just bring toys/books and snacks to keep him occupied. The doctor might not appreciate it 100% but you are paying him, not the other way around.



answers from Erie on

I've taken my three year old to my dentist appointment. I think it might depend a bit on the dr, and if you'll be able to divide your attention between the child and what info the dr is giving you. My concern would be that in general 16 mo old are wiggly creatures and would need lot of supervision and attention. but you know your child best, there is always the possibility they would say no but you could call the office and explain the situation.



answers from Philadelphia on

Not that I visit the doctor often, but I've actually never given it a second thought. I always take my kids with me if dad isn't home or available to watch (because, let's face it...sometimes it's just easier to go alone!). I wouldn't even think twice about it. Take them along!



answers from Houston on

This is bad, but I take a lollipop and my daughter to the doc;s, they usually give you about 20 mins of peace



answers from Pittsburgh on

I wouldn't do it unless it was an emergency, and I would certainly call the doctors office before hand and make sure it was ok. I've done it once, in an emergency, but it was inconvenient for everyone.

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