Halitosis, Is There a Home Remedy That Anyone Has Tried or Knows That Works?

Updated on July 19, 2012
M.P. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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My sister has Halitosis. its that terrible rotten milk/phlegm smell. Doesnt matter what she eats or drinks. She could eat Liver and Onions and still her breath smells this way. I know shes gone to a doctor and gotten a wash for it. It doesn't work. Its really hard to hold a conversation close up with her, or her to whisper to you. She knows it as well and it hurts her confidence. I know my mother suffered from it too. I am constantly asking people if I have it. Some days I think so. Though NO one is telling me my breath is worse that just morning, or coffee, or general bad breath that usually goes away with some mouthwash and gum. Since she already does the medicated wash, what else can she do? She's had a dental exam, no rotting teeth or gums. She has Lockjaw but I dont think that would cause it. She cleans her tongue with a metal scraper. Not sure what else the poor lady can do? She also gargles with salt water.

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answers from Washington DC on

sounds like either an infection or a digestive issue.
poor gal. that has to be very hard.

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answers from Norfolk on

They have to find the source.
Some stomach disorders will give you bad breath.
I know a guy with a stomach ulcer that could knock you over with his breath from 6 feet away.
Once his ulcer was healed up his breath got better.

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answers from Minneapolis on

It's likely to be systemic not her teeth or an hygiene issue. She should start taking probiotics, consider an internal cleanse (with medical guidance of course), and look into a change in diet in general. Read up on something called Yeast Overgrowth Syndrome. And yes, it can run in families, antibiotics feed it, and certain diets can make it worse.

If it is a sinus issue as others mentioned, get a grapefruit seed oil extract nasal spray for the sinuses. You can find this at stores GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe. It has natural antimicrobial properties and will take down any bacteria naturally without antibiotics, if that's the cause.

Make sure you're hydrated and drinking enough water for your size. Dehydration can cause bad breath too.

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answers from Hartford on

You have some great answers already, such as possible bacterial infections in the sinuses or issues in the gut. I also think it's VERY important to stay very well hydrated. Being dehydrated can affect anyone's breath but it can make bad breath worse.

I was on a medication for a while during a really bad diverticulitis attack that dehydrates me really badly. When I take that medication I have to drink more than a gallon of water a day. Your typical intake of water and foods with water in them should be about a gallon within a 24 hour period. If your sister isn't getting enough fluids and eliminating things like carbonated drinks and caffeinated drinks, it could make her condition worse.

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answers from Dallas on

It sounds like something else going on in her system. Maybe a side effect of some RX she takes?

We are Listerine lovers here but even Listerine and the routine your sister has will not fix it if the root of the issue lies within her somewhere.

I'd go to the Dr. for blood workup and try to figure it out.

Good luck. I can imagine the damage it does on her self confidence.

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answers from Jacksonville on

My dad is that way. The best thing really is to drink lots of water (adding lime/lemon helps it taste better and helps freshen a bit too!). Brush and floss after every meal.

As Lilly suggested, it might be sinuses. Running a humidifier might help. Does she have tonsil stones? I know that makes for stinky breath too...

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I agree this is a symptom of something else going on. She needs to see a doc again. Sounds severe and it's not going to be covered up by gum mints chewing parsley etc

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answers from Los Angeles on

******* I GOT THE ANSWER *******

My husband HAD/ has halitosis REAL BAD.
He used everything. He did everything.
Nothing worked.
The dentist didn't help.
The tounge scraper didn't help.

Then one day, my husband looked up halitosis on You Tube and
some people were swearing by this product that it really does work.

Guess What, it's sold at Walmart. Yeah!!!!!

My husband got it. It's a toothpaste and a mouth wash that you need
to use to make this work.

He used it. It is amazing how it works.
No more halitosis. His breath didn't smell at all.
It last for like 12 hours.


My husband wanted To test it. So he stopped using it.
Well the halitosis was right there in my face.

So the thing is, if you have halitosis you need to use this product daily.

Now, I am scared that one day this product will no longer be around.

The toothpaste and mouth wash are not expensive.

Here is a link so you can check if out.

This link shows the mouth wash.


Here is a website that you can read about it


Remember, you can get it at Walmart.
You don't have to get it online.

Maybe other pharmacies carry it as well.

This stuff works so well that I want to have a huge stock pile.
= )
Best wishes.

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answers from Dallas on

I do not know much, so I googled (I am sure your sister has as well). The one thing I saw was drink, drink, drink water and brush and floss after every meal. From what I read it is a bacteria and doing whatever she can to minimize the particles the bacteria thrive on is in her best interest.
Gosh - best of luck! Again, I am sure you already knew this, but wanted to offer an answer. I hate seeing a big zero responses to a question.

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answers from Atlanta on

Try using organic, naturally pressed apple cider vinegar as a gargle daily. Just need a couple tablespoons in a small amount of water. Braggs and Eden Organic are good brands. It kills germs and disinfects and whitens teeth too.

Sounds like this has something to do with her system in general, maybe too much sugar which forms a lot of acid or yeast in the system. The toxins are being released through the breath. She may need to change her diet to fresh foods and little or no milk products.



answers from Los Angeles on

It could be tonsil stones. I get them sometimes and they give me horrible breath. It's food particles that get trapped in the tonsils and they calcify or something. I looked them up the other day on Web MD and it says they can be helped by gargling with salt water. If that is what she has, I don't think there's a permanent solution other than removing her tonsils.

I had good luck with a specific type of mouthwash that reduced the sulfur compounds. It didn't have any flavor but it could dry out your mouth. I can't remember what it was called as I haven't ordered it for a long time.

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