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Naps at Day-care

P.L. asks from Sacramento

Hi All, I have a 6 months old baby girl, who started day-care about 2 weeks ago. Since than she is taking (good case scenario) two 20 min. naps btw. 7am and 4pm. W...


Day Care

M.H. asks from Chicago

I am 6.5 weeks from having baby (C-sect) #2. With my son, I could barley move for several weeks. I am trying to decide if I want my almost 3 year old to go to daycare...


Day Care

K.G. asks from Las Vegas

I left my boys at day care for the first time today. My 2.5 year old cried for the first 45 minutes. They said that after that he was fine.. I am sure this is norm...


Day Care

J.H. asks from Missoula

I have a question for moms using daycare. My issue is that we get charged even if my son does not attend for the day (or week). We had brought it up last year when ...


Day Care

S.R. asks from Houston

Hi, I am wanting to put my 4 yr old in day care, my mother n law has watched her for 2 yrs so she is VERY spoiled. I understand she needs to learn how to be with o...


Day Care

C.B. asks from Miami

I recently in January took my seventeen month old son out of in home day care to a facility so that he could get more of a social interaction, but since i have put hi...


Two Opening for in Home Day-care

T.H. asks from Dallas

Im a Registered Home Day Care Provider and I have two openings. If anyone knows someone who needs day-care for Summer full or part-time. I live at Beltline and Hill...


1St Day of Day Care

B.W. asks from Salt Lake City

My leave is coming to an end so back to work for me. My little one is going to day care next week (only for ~25 hours a week) . Do any of you have suggestions on maki...


Day Care or Nanny Pricing

L.C. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have some ideas how much daycare or in home care runs a day in naperville? thank you!



A.F. asks from New York

I am considering getting a job and that means I need to find a good daycare for my twenty-one month old daughter. I am a little worried about putting her in daycare b...