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Baby Carrier

B.J. asks from New York

Hello lovely moms, I am looking for a carrier for my 1 year old daughter, I found beco baby carriers and ergo what do you have? what would you recommend? I would lov...


12 Weeks Old Doesn't Sleep "Much"during the Day

L.S. asks from Miami

Help, my baby is 12 weeks old now, he is sleeping good during the night(wakes up evey 4 h and goes back to sleep right after feedings). During the day, he doesn t sle...


Restless 5 Month Old Doesn't Want to Sleep During Day

H.L. asks from Philadelphia

Dear Mamas, My LO is very restless during the day. He will stay up for hours 4 or 5 hours before napping even though he shows signs of being tired (watery eyes, r...


Recommendations on Baby Carriers?

N.S. asks from San Diego

I'm just about due to have my second (2 weeks!) and I'm looking for a baby carrier. With my first I had the Baby Bjorn and hated it. I'm very short-waisted and petite...


Wants to Held by Mommy All the Time

G.B. asks from Sacramento

Does anyone have any advice? My daughter is just 6 months old. She wants me to hold her all the time. If I leave her with Dad just to go to the store she screams, ...


I Don't Think I like Being a Mother

M.L. asks from New York

We have one child almost 2.5yrs old. It has been very difficult for me since his birth and I think its getting worst. The older he gets the more difficult motherhoo...


Baby Carrier for 2.5 Month

V.G. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms, I have a 2.5 month old and he is a happy and peaceful baby. He can now hold his head steady. What will moms suggest to use as a crrier that will also s...


Should I Take 2 Small Children to the Zoo by Myself?

A.S. asks from Atlanta

Has anyone done it? Am I just asking for a frustrating day? Any tips on how to do it best with a 21 mo old and a nursing 3 mo old? Thanks!


My 6Mo Son Always Wants Someone to Hold Him

M.A. asks from Hartford

Hello,everyone. I'm just wondering if someone has the same situation. My son is 6 mo and he eats normal, naps 2-3 times during the day for 30-40min(is it normal or to...


I'm Desperate for Help with My Clingy Toddler.

M.Q. asks from Los Angeles

Hello friends , I'm having a really hard time with DD4 who is 16 mo old. She has stopped sleeping through the night, she's waking up a good 3-4 times now and just wa...