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Asthma & Steroids

A.T. asks from Yuba City

Hello, I am seeking advice from other Mom's that have experience with young Children with Asthma. My son who was born with Asthma has been on Allergy medicine and (...


Steroids for Fetal Lung Development?

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

The goods new is the baby is healthy and above average in weight, however, the drs. are quite certain I will have an early csection, due to complications/high risk an...


Should Newborns Be Given Steroids?

N.H. asks from San Diego

I know this sounds like a dumb question, but here is what happened: My second daughter was born last week. The day of her birth, the pedriatic nurse said that my da...


Pulmicort - Steroids for Asthma/Lung Issues

D.G. asks from Detroit

Do any of you have children who have taken Pulmicort or another steroid for asthma/lung issues. My son was born 3 months premature and therefore had immature lungs. ...


Day Care Question

N.W. asks from Philadelphia

Hi everyone, I have a 19 week old daughter in day care. I have some concerns and I am just looking for some feedback from other mommas. First, last week, my DD, ...


So Frustrating as a Child Care Provider!!!

M.P. asks from Dallas

I am a new child care provider. I have a baby that I take care of that is almost 10 months old. She has had breathing issues for a very long time. She wheezes a lo...


Advice on Daycare Problem

B.B. asks from Jacksonville

I need some advice. I know this is a decision I should be making on my own but I am at a loss. My daughter started a new daycare in September for the first time she l...


Help !!!!!! My Son Is About to Be Kicked Out of Daycare !

D.W. asks from Knoxville

I am in need of some real help. I have a son who will be 3 in May. We are having some real discipline issues with him. About late October or early November of last ye...


Asthma and Daycare

A.T. asks from Phoenix

My 3.5 yr old recently diagnosed with asthma or RAD also recently got sick and had a horrible croupy/coughing/wheezing episode. He goes to a great montessori school b...


Chiropractic Care for 2 Year Old??

M.B. asks from Chicago

My 2 yr. old daughter was diagnosed with asthma about 6 months ago. The first medication the allergist put her on seemed to very strongly affect her behavior. Now she...