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Infant Care

A.V. asks from Dallas

Hi there! I am looking for information about infant care. I am due in March. My husband and I are not sure how long we will be able to stay home with our new baby gir...


Naps at Day-care

P.L. asks from Sacramento

Hi All, I have a 6 months old baby girl, who started day-care about 2 weeks ago. Since than she is taking (good case scenario) two 20 min. naps btw. 7am and 4pm. W...


Day Care

M.H. asks from Chicago

I am 6.5 weeks from having baby (C-sect) #2. With my son, I could barley move for several weeks. I am trying to decide if I want my almost 3 year old to go to daycare...


Day Care

J.H. asks from Missoula

I have a question for moms using daycare. My issue is that we get charged even if my son does not attend for the day (or week). We had brought it up last year when ...


Day Care

C.B. asks from Miami

I recently in January took my seventeen month old son out of in home day care to a facility so that he could get more of a social interaction, but since i have put hi...


Infant in Day Care Issues

B.C. asks from Boston

I am a new mom to a 16 week year old. I went back to work 4 weeks ago, and have been trying to adjust to leaving my baby in a corporate run day care 3 days a week. ...


Daycare for Infant

K.L. asks from Phoenix

I am looking to hear if anyone has found a loving/caring/safe place to send thier infant. I am planing on returning to work when my son is 4 months old. I have a hard...


Seeking a Infant Day Care

R.L. asks from Los Angeles

I am looking for a infant day care in west hollywood around zipcode 90028.


Infant Care in Lewisville

S.L. asks from Dallas

I am trying to find good affordable care for my infant in Lewisville. In home or day care center....any ideas?


Daycare for Infant

J.S. asks from Chicago

Can anyone suggest a great home daycare or center for my 4 month ole in Oak Park. I'm having a hard time finding reviews and am unable to do an exhaustive search beca...