In Home Day Care? - Arlington Heights,IL

Updated on August 11, 2005
A. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
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Any tips on finding In Home Day Care in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs? I've surfed the web and haven't found a list or site (that's seems reliable!). Any help would be great! Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

A.-try contacting the local business daycares-a lot of them will make referrals to in home daycares. I've used an inhome daycare in Arlington Hts - however I know that they are full currently. I also contacted the Dept of Child and Family Services and they sent me a packet on inhome daycares-what to look for, names of people in the area, etc



answers from Chicago on

I also looked on line when I thought about going back to work (I'm still at home with my 19 mo. old). I got a list of licensed in-home day care and day care centers from IL Dept. of Children & Family Services (Action for Children). They'll give you a list for whichever town you ask for. You should look up their web-site (Sorry, I can't seem to find it). I also called individual people (not licensed) from ads I found in local newspapers under "situations wanted." Try the Pioneer Press NW edition or the Daily Herald.



answers from Detroit on

I've had pretty good luck looking in the daily herald...



answers from Chicago on

I used a referral agency through the county which I had great luck. If you go to the website and look for your office (Cook County) you will need to call and they will ask youa few questions. There is a minimal fee of about $10 or $20. Once you give all your information you can have a list emailed to you that day. They send you something in the mail for payment. I referred this to someone else also on this website. They will give you many names according to what you would like. No pets, no smoking etc. Hope this helps

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